So I was just sitting around trying out my new iPhone, and I tested out the Google Reader. The very first heading I saw was Mr. Big Confirms 20th Anniversary Reunion, Plans To Tour Japan over at the Random Chatter Music blog.

Click the link for the full story, but here’s a little excerpt:

Feb. 1, 2009: It is the 20th anniversary of Mr. Big’s debut release (and also the 20th anniversary of Paul Gilbert’s first PGM signature guitar, the PGM 100). What better way to celebrate this then to re-form and then tour Japan, the beloved home-away-from-home of Mr. Big for many years? It will be exciting!

HMS interview, Jan. 31, 2009
Verbatim transcript follows:

“Hello listeners of Kosa Kai, Burrrn presents Heavy Metal Syndicate. Kosa Kai, who was there at the very beginning for Mr. Big, and we’re so happy to have a friend like him in Japan. And we’re very happy, and thankful, to have all of you, as our friends. So, Mr. Big’s coming back soon to play for you, we’re excited to see you all, Kosa Kai, domo arigato, for 20 great years, my brother. Take care, see ya soon, This is Billy Sheehan of Mr. Big, over and out.”

The article continues with similar statements from the other members of Mr Big.
I’m not sure how I feel about this. I love Mr. Big (there, I said it), but I really hope this will just be a one-off Japanese tour or something. I’d much rather hear Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan continue with their own music.

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