SUMMER NAMM: Elite Tone Smooth Boost

I like the angle of this press release – handcrafted effects at a low cost to combat the economic downturn. I wonder if other companies will join the party in finding way to offer lower-priced yet high-quality gear. Maybe Fender will find a stash of Strat bodies that have been sitting around since the 50s and they’ll be all like, “Well nobody’s gonna want these old junky things. Let’s chuck a neck on them and sell ’em for two hundred bucks.”

Stuff like that happens, right?

Elite Tone Launches Affordable Unique Boost Pedal
July 17, 2009

When the world’s economy enters a steep decline your tone shouldn’t also. Elite Tone has stepped up to the plate a offer the working music a new line of affordable handcrafted effects without cutting corners. Kicking off this new line of effects all under one hundred dollars is the Smooth Boost.

The Smooth Boost features a circuit architecture that supports, enhances and optimizes your existing tone with delicate transparency. This simple yet multifaceted effect, achieves hi fidelity tube like signal boost, compression, sustain, overdrive and even mild distortion. The smooth boost can also be adjusted remotely with guitar volume and produce a lush twangy tube like sound as the volume is rolled back. With the signal maxed it adds mild harmonic overdrive and a touch of distortion. Product launch beginning 7/17/09


Engineered and constructed all by hand
True by-pass
Battery included
Ships free in the USA
2.1mm diameter DC jack adapter (like boss style etc…)
Extremely low ambient noise ( Not audible with effect full on and strings muted in many cases)
LED On/Off indicator
– Product launch beginning 7/17/09

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