COOL ARTICLE ALERT: How to scallop guitar fretboards

The wonderful Mrs I Heart Guitar spotted this article on and shared it with me in Google Reader. Man, Google Reader’s so awesome but it doesn’t quite work properly on my office computer, so I don’t get to use it as much as I like… wait, focus Peter, back on track, there’s guitar stuff to talk about!

Ok, so the article on Make points to this article on which will take you through how to scallop a guitar neck. You’ll notice in the main picture that they’ve gone a little too deep and cut into their side inlay dots, but I think it looks kinda cool, and reminds me a bit of the little wedgie shapes adorning the soundholes of Baden acoustic guitars. If you want to avoid this happening, simply place a strip of tape along the edge of the neck juuuuuust covering the side dots, as a visual reminder to not file below the tape.

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