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So today is I Heart Guitar’s 1st birthday and in addition to the big birthday giveaway extravaganza that’s happening (look for that post in a few hours), I thought it’d be cool to do a little story on some other guitar blogs. So I invited fellow guitar bloggers to share a few words about their sites. Click the blog titles to visit each site. And if you have a guitar blog, I’d like to do another one of these posts soon so send about 300 words about your blog to iheartguitarblog@gmail.com

Guitar Lifestyle
Guitar Lifestyle was founded in 2005 as an outlet for my passion for the guitar and for music in general. I started Guitar Lifestyle with three goals in mind: to celebrate the guitar, to educate new guitarists, and to inspire other guitarists. I play and enjoy many different styles of music, and the posts on Guitar Lifestyle reflect my various guitar and musical tastes, from blues to metal and everything in between. In addition to posts about guitars and artists that I find interesting, Guitar Lifestyle features reviews about guitar-related products, live shows, CDs, and DVDs.

I’ve only just started a blog, and am just feeling it out at this stage – it will primarily be music and guitar-related, and I hope might offer some useful links and tips, as well as having a bit of my own music in there.

Basically I’m thinking it will have a number of aspects: Yes there will be a section and posts for my music; there will also be some gear/recording stuff I think, as I get a fair number of comments/questions about my tone; there’ll also be links to cool stuff I find around the place; and perhaps a few tips/lessons thrown in there at times.

So who am I to do this, and why might people want to read it? Well, people read all kinds of crap on the interwebs :-p Being serious, I’ve been playing the guitar since I was 11 (26 years ago), and seriously since age 15. Prior to taking up the guitar I played piano, and in-between 11 and 15 I played a bunch of brass instruments. I studied music at school, and took guitar lessons from a jazz guitarist for the first couple of (serious) years.

What that all boils down to is a fairly solid grounding in music in general, and a lot of experience with the guitar specifically. During that time I’ve done quite a bit of developing and changing, and thinking about playing, practising, and learning – as well as tone tweaking and music in general. I have a fairly wide listening palette, and think I could bring some cool things to others’ ears and awareness.

Plus they’ll get the odd divertimento by way of gardening, astronomy, cool photos, science and medicine …

The 5th Fret
The 5th Fret is a blog that specializes in long-winded rants, reviews and points of view involving all things music and guitar related that is sure to entertain you or at least help kill some time. Headed up by Pappy as the main contributor, the other contributing authors all come from varying backgrounds and specialize in different things from jazz to loud and raucous rock and roll, from amazing fingerstyle to rockabilly, from punk to thrash, and we all come together under the same virtual roof bound by our love of guitar and the hopes to spread that love to others. You’ll find everything from gear and music reviews to opinions on the good and bad of the music industry, the guitar playing community and the odd quirks associated with big name guitarists. You’ll also read about inspiring albums and bands that should never fade away into the land of the forgotten.

Guitar Noize
Guitar Noize has just turned 2 years old and what started out as something to rekindle my interest in guitar playing has quickly turned into something I’m very passionate about. After finishing my music degree I quit playing guitar for 7 years and I became a professional web developer. I suddenly became interested in playing again and decided to merge my career with my passion and created GuitarNoize.com.

In the beginning it was all about Crazy Guitar Designs, I wanted to catalogue all the whacky, the weird and the wonderful guitars on the net. Today Guitar Noize is one of the top rating guitar blogs with gear demos and reviews, industry news and guitar lessons. I also have a co-contributor called Paul in the UK who is as passionate I am about guitar and posts excellent gear reviews as well as his regular “5 For The Weekend” column (can I call it a column?) and I’ve even had a mention in Premier Guitar magazine!

Over the past 2 years I have looked for ways to expand the Guitar Noize reputation by using Twitter (@guitarnoize) which I’ve found to be an incredible social networking tool and source of news, I also use it to post quick links that don’t warrant a blog post. I also use YouTube (youtube.com/guitarnoize) for gear demos, lessons and general shred tom-foolery, as well as contributing to forums such as The Gear Page (which does nothing but fuel my ever growing wish-list of guitars and amps!) and Shredknowledge.com where I have posted a couple of lessons. I try to be as active as I can on other guitar blogs too, we are a fairly small community of blogs and I believe in helping each other out when we can with comments and mentions in posts so I am particularly grateful to Peter for giving me the chance to talk a little about Guitar Noize on IHeartGuitar. Happy Birthday IHeartGuitar, here’s to another year of shreddin’!

Muzicosphere is the musical environment watched by a 33 years old French dude i.e. me aka Sarssipius. I am a music lover, fond of rock riffs, blues licks, funk grooves, and too many stuff to detail. I also am a guitar enthusiast formerly afflicted by GAS, but addicted to guitars forever… I guess! A few years back, I found out that I was actually interested by musical instruments in general, so that’s why I wanted to create this Muzicosphere thing rather than just a Guitar-o-sphere blog. It started as a discursive humoristic blog, and it is evolving toward a more ambitious project to create a perfect place for musical instruments enthusiasts. This is one of my underlying projects, but the blog will remain as it is.

Yes, the blog remains discursive because I think that there already are plenty of great gear news websites and blogs out there. So, why not being more personal, erratic and still try to be humoristic from time to time. Try to be? Yes, try to be! Man, I’m not a native English speaker (I guess ya’ll figured it out) although I sometimes think in English (a reminiscence of a former life as a scientist). I let you imagine how challenging it is to make jokes and rants in two languages… That’s a lot of work for sure and failure is always close!

On muzicosphere you’ll find essays-like articles on various musical topics, thoughts about gear and musical instruments, test-drive videos of various gear (mainly guitars to date), and lot of other stuff. Feel free to drop by and say hi! Long live I Heart Guitar blog, and all the fucking great guitar blogs out there! Keep Rocking in a Free Web…

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