Just saw this on Blabbermouth.net:

Legendary Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen is no longer a DiMarzio endorser. DiMarzio, the Staten Island, New York-based company that produces magnetic pickups for electric guitars, will continue to manufacture the pickups and guitar straps that Yngwie endorsed minus the YJM designation and, in some cases, with a change in the model name or part numbers.

* The DP217 (formerly the YJM) is now called the HS-4. Only the name has changed.

* The YJM ClipLock (DD2230YJM) and YJM Standard Guitar Strap (DD3310YJM), are now named the Cheetah ClipLock (DD2230CH) and Cheetah Standard Guitar Strap (DD3310CH). Only the names have changed.

* The pre-wired pickguard YJM Setup is now named the HS Setup and contains the HS-4 (formerly YJM) in the neck and middle positions and the HS-3 in the bridge position. Only the name has changed.

* The Yngwie Malmsteen Signature Cable has been discontinued.

Wow, I’m surprised by this! But I’m glad the pickup models will continue to be made (and that you can still get cool cheetah straps!).

Speaking of DiMarzio, CLICK HERE for my review (with audio) of the DiMarzio Crunch Lab and LiquiFire John Petrucci signature pickups. I’ve also written a review of the Area J bass pickups and that’ll be on the site early next week after I’ve finished the audio clips.