Happy new year!

Happy new year, everyone! Hope you all have a great year full of lots of shredding, headbanging, living, loving, laughing, eating, drinking, and all that fun stuff.

Got some cool things coming up on the site this year, starting with coverage from NAMM in a few weeks. If there’s a piece of gear you’d like me to cover, just email me and I’ll go to their booth, take some photos, get some info and write a post for you (and feel free to link to it on any forums you visit).

Also this year I’m going to become more active on YouTube, with more video reviews and hopefully artist interviews. A few people are encouraging me to do face-to-face artist interviews on camera where both the artist and me have guitars in hand, which could be very cool but hard to organise, but I’ll do my best.

There will also be more giveaways this year, and some cool I Heart Guitar merch.

Anyway, hope you have a good one, and here’s to another year of rockin’.

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