NEWS: A/DA ships first reissue flangers

One of the first stories I wrote on I Heart Guitar was about the relaunch of A/DA. Well now the big day has come, and the company has shipped the first 100 new flangers. The second batch will go out next week, and production has also begun on the reissue Final Phase phaser pedal, which will be shipping soon.

Bill from A/DA tells me: “To faithfully reproduce the original A/DA Flangers sound, we needed to find NOS BBD chips, which was quite a challenge. This challenge delayed our original intended ship date.” I think it’s awesome that rather than rush out the pedals to meet the obvious demand, A/DA has waited to get the proper parts and do it right.

Here’s A/DA’s David Tarnowski signing off on the first shipment of flangers at 2AM.

Also, check out the relaunched A/DA website at

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