NEWS: Dave Weiner sells his Ibanezes, joins PRS

Now this is interesting. Finding his guitar needs shifting in new directions and no longer feeling that Ibanez reflected his personality, Dave Weiner is selling off a bunch of his Ibanezes and is hooking up with PRS under a non-exlusive agreement which will allow him to play other brands when he feels like it, while also developing 6 and 7 string models. Cool!

Dave talks about his sweet new PRS 513 in this video here:

You can read more, including comments from Dave, on this thread on Jemsite.

As for Dave’s garage sale, check out the guitars he’s saying goodbye to here. Currently he’s selling an Ibanez LACS (LA Custom Shop) 7 string, an Ibanez AF207 7-string jazz guitar with one-of-a-kind 5-way high frequency filter, an Ibanez AJ30ECE acoustic guitar used on Steve Vai’s recent ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ live CD and DVD, and an Ibanez SR485 5-string bass.


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