Sterling Ball of Ernie Ball Music Man has confirmed on the company’s official forum that Johnny Hiland has left PRS (where he had a signature model) and shacked up with EBMM. Hiland is rockin’ the EBMM Silhouette model.

Here’s the post from Sterling Ball:

OK in a case where rumor ends up knowing this before me….As of today Johnny Hiland has joined our family as a valued endorsee. Johnny is over the moon with the Silhouette and will be playing them for a long time we both hope.

As for the earlier threads it was funny in that I had zero contact with Johnny until the next day after those threads when Derek called me and said that Johnny was interested in joining us.

As for some of the below the belt comments…Johnny is not doing this for money he is doing this because he likes our guitars. He will be supporting our original guitar the Silhouette which makes me very very happy.

Johnny will be at the NAMM show and has agreed to play at the Casey Lee Ball Foundation annual bash allong with Steve Lukather and Joe Bonamassa.

WElcome to the family…cant wait for the jam sessions with our team…Luke Albert SteveMorse , Steve Lukather, John Petrucci, and Johnny Hiland….Like the Yankees!