NEWS: Rotosound Double Decker Rotos string sets

I’m currently rocking Rotosound strings on almost all of my 6-string guitars, and I really like how lively the tone is. I’m also a bit of a tightass, so Rotosound’s new Double Decker sets, which save you up to 20% by packaging two sets together, has gotta be a good thing.

Here’s the press release.

Rotosounds launch Double Decker Rotos string sets

Rotosound’s best selling R9 and R10 Rotos nickel on steel guitar strings are now available in superb value twin set packaging. Called ‘Double Deckers’ the new packs of Rotos offer greater value for money and are up to 20% cheaper than buying two single sets.

Rotos are used by many of the world’s top artists and range from Guthrie Govan to Franz Ferdinand; they are the first choice guitar strings for amateurs and professionals alike. With a brilliance in tone, Rotos are made using the finest quality nickel on steel and manufactured with the strictest of quality control to ensure consistency, strength and durability.

The new double decker packs are coded R9-2 and R10-2 and reduce packaging by approx 70% compared to buying two separate packs. They will be available in the shops from March 2010.

For further information on the new sets and other Rotosound products see

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