Are you a neon freak like me? I think it all goes back to when I bought a copy of a magazine called Countdown back in grade school, and they had a freebie pair of neon shoelaces attached to the cover. I loved those damn shoelaces.

Check out these cool neon accessories from DiMarzio. The nylon straps have leather ends and are available in neon pink, neon green, neon orange andneon yellow (you can get the same colours in DiMarzio’s 2-inch neon ClipLock series). The length adjusts from 32 to 56-1/2 inches (81 – 144 cm). Don’t they look cool with my Ibanez RG550MXXRFR?

DiMarzio’s nylon-braided guitar and instrument cable is also available in the same neon colours, as well as gold, chrome, vintage tweed, black/gray, purple, marine green, electric blue, red and black.

You can also get almost any DiMarzio pickup in a variety of neon colours (you can even specify different colours for each bobbin of the pickup). Although I’d probably keep my RG550 all-original for sentimental reasons, look at the photos again and picture this: a Breed set, in yellow/orange/yellow/orange/yellow (with orange tone knob and yellow volume knob). 80s overload!

Check out DiMarzio’s straps here and their cables here.