NAMM 2011: Booth visit – Buddy Blaze Guitars

While at NAMM I was fortunate to stumble across Buddy Blaze Guitars. You may know Buddy as the guy who designed the Kramer Nightswan with Vivian Campbell, the dude who modified the Dean ML which would eventually become known as Dimebag Darrell’s most iconic guitar, or the designer of a very cool Dean signature model of his ownBuddy recently announced a new line produced in Indonesia, and I got to try these guitars out first-hand at NAMM. The playability is amazing, both from comfort and speed perspectives, and I can’t praise these axes enough. Dig the second one in the batch of pics below. And the final pic is the Buddy Blaze Generator, the artist signature model for Sugarland’s Scott Patton, with a design by Stephen Jensen to compliment Sugarland’s touring stage. Cool huh?

That pic up there is me with Buddy. As someone who’s admired his guitars for years, it was super-cool to meet him and find him such a warm, friendly dude who obviously loves guitar as much as geeks like me do.

For more information on Buddy Blaze, check out his website.

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