Remember my review of DVK Technologies pedals recently? Well these killer little units are now available in America!


DVK Technologies Aussie Stomp Boxes Invade America!

February 22, 2011, Santa Barbara, CA: Guitar FX pedal manufacturer DVK Technologies is now shipping the first four models in its new series of dual-function stomp boxes. Founded by Australian design engineer extraordinaire Craig Paine and pedal demo guru Brett Kingman (a.k.a. burgerman666 of the eponymous 3,000,000+ views YouTube channel), DVK Technologies specializes in pairing effects that guitarists often use in tandem.

Stomp box combinations include fuzz and vibe (a la Hendrix at Woodstock), overdrive and vibe (an SRV or Page essential), and compression and clean boost (that indispensable Nashville sound). The pedals feature rugged, compact enclosures topped with custom original graphics that range from sublime to warped. In addition to a full complement of front-panel controls, circuit-direction switches are provided on two of the models, allowing fuzz/overdrive to be placed before or after the modulation. Expression pedal inputs for controlling the vibe rate are also included.

Already creating a stir among session guitarists, and recently cited as an “editor’s pick” at the 2011 NAMM show, the pedals favor a classic rock aesthetic and, in fact, are based on vintage circuit designs that have been painstakingly reworked by Kingman and Paine. Their goal is to provide an exceptionally wide range of tonal possibilities, while at the same time remaining true to the original sounds. Models include:

Hairball: Combo 808-style overdrive and selectable full-range/treble booster. Angry and aggressive by nature, this pedal also cleans up nicely and responds well to individual picking styles and guitar volume settings. Use it to recreate Brian May’s classic Rangemaster sound…and much more!

The Mrs.: A legendary compressor circuit paired with a booster to give you a sonic palette ranging from loud and clean to outright filthy! Compressor features Norm/Bright switch for some extra ”zing!” and the booster features selectable Normal/Fat.

GoldTop: Jimi lives! “Big M”-style fuzz combined with vintage Vibe controllable from the front panel or via expression pedal. Features toggle switch for reversing the order of the effects.

SilverTop: Legendary TS-type overdrive circuit paired with rate-controllable vintage Vibe.
Includes toggle switch for reversing the order of the effects.

Video demos of all four models are available at and on YouTube on the burgerman666 channel. DVK products are distributed in North America by MV Pro Audio. A list of dealers can be found