This week my feature on is about Notes From San Francisco, the ‘lost’ Rory Gallagher album, which was recorded – but not released – in the late 70s. It was finally released recently and I spoke with Rory’s brother/road manager Donal Gallagher about the circumstances surrounding the album, its abandonment and its eventual release.

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Here’s a snippet:

“For every album that I remember him involved in, Rory would have post-natal depression,” Donal Gallagher says. “So there was always an element of the mix not coming up to scratch for him, or things irritating him, but Rory was a workaholic. And the deadlines and pressure in those days always seemed to be so great. You had to have it recorded by this date, mixed by that date, pressed by this date and then you had to be out on tour by this date. And when you have your youth it just doesn’t seem like it, but when you stand back after all those years, it was absolutely nuts, going on the way it was!”

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