My band The Upperhand reunites for Melbourne gig

Hey! So if you’re in Melbourne on September 2, why not come down to the Gershwin Room at the legendary Espy in St Kilda to see my band, The Upperhand, play a special reunion show? That’s me and Rohan Drew rocking out in that pic up there.

How would I describe The Upperhand? Well okay: I approach the guitar work kinda like I would imagine Nuno Bettencourt and Vernon Reid would if they were playing in Rush Counterparts-era tribute band with Les Claypool on bass. There’s lots of groove and funk, a few heavy moments and some cool unison guitar/bass riffage. Your lower half can dance while your upper half headbangs. If you’d like a presale ticket for $10, lemmie know and I’ll hook ya up.

Here’s the Facebook event page, and here’s the Upperhand band Facebook page. We’re on somewhere around 11 o’clockish, I believe. It might be 10:30. It might be 11:30. Not quite sure. I’ll post a little more about the gig closer to the date. Might even do a rig rundown so you can see how I approach tone in The Upperhand, which is a bit different to how I approach my own stuff.

Here’s the press release:

Things have been quiet in Upperhand land for a while – a little too quiet – but the silence is about to end: after a “gee-has-it-really-been-fo​ur-years” hiatus, they’re back! The classic Upperhand core band of Dima Shafro, Rohan Drew and Peter Harris, plus later addition Peter Hodgson, will reunite in September to once again rock the Espy in St Kilda.

A little older, slightly wiser, and four years better at Mario Kart, The Upperhand will collectively steel themselves, march steadfastly into the isolated cave where all their songs are kept, and emerge bloody and bruised but with their fists stuffed full of classic tracks from throughout their career to play for the sweaty Espy crowd, from older favourites (“MILF,” “Hillside”) to later tracks (“Move On”). Some are danceable, some are headbangable. You’ll have fun.

It’s been a long time between drinks. Come join us for another round.

The Upperhand plays the Gershwin Room, Esplanade Hotel, 11 The Esplanade, St Kilda on Friday, September 2 with The Furniture Incident, Sleepa, Get to the Chopper and Crying Sirens, pre-sale tickets are $10, contact us for yours!

The Upperhand is:

And here’s a video (with noisy camera audio, sorry) of us playing “Move On” at the Espy Public Bar at our last gig in 2007.

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