You may remember this post from a few days about about Pro Tools 9’s incompatibility with Apple OSX Lion at this time. (For a refresher, According to Avid, “As of this writing Pro Tools 9 and all earlier versions of Pro Tools software are not compatible and will not work with OS X Lion.”

Well here’s a piece of good potentially good news for at least some of us: it turns out Pro Tools 8.0.3 works fine on my 2007 Intel iMac running Lion. I can’t vouch for other systems, but if you happen to be a ProTools 8 user and you’ve already installed Lion and found ProTools 9 doesn’t work, maybe it’s worth installing ProTools 8 again to see if it’ll work on your system.

I guess my next move is to install Lion and ProTools 8 on my 2010 Macbook Pro to see if they will play nicely together. If not, I guess I’ll be doing all my recording on my iMac for a while.