The rock is strong with this one

So I was digging through some old photos the other day and thought I might as well scan this one. It was taken when I’d just turned 11 in July 1989.

I was in fifth grade, and I was singing the song “Cry In Shame” by Johnny Diesel and the Injectors at a school assembly during Book Week. Diesel was one of my early guitar heroes. Naturally, being book week everybody had to dress as a character from a book. I was dressed as a rock star from Smash Hits magazine. Because that counts, right? I like that my audience includes a policeman and a princess. My god, I loved that grey stonewash denim jacket so much.

See that red guitar strap? I knitted that myself. It didn’t last too long but I thought it was pretty bitchen.

Oh and the guitar is a 60s Ibanez student acoustic that my next door neighbour gave me. It’s pretty beat up and not particularly collectible but I still have it and it’s kinda cool.

Note also the ultra-sophisticated microphone stand.

So what about I Heart Guitar readers? When did you start playing? Got any photos (embarrassing or otherwise) of your early gigs?

Here’s the song I was singing:

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