From Ed’s website:

“It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Ed Roman.

Ed Roman was a big personality. We understand that many people have questions regarding the circumstances surrounding his passing. His death however is still very recent, and is a heartbreaking shock to the family. We ask that you please be respectful of the sensitive nature involved with losing a loved one, and the mourning process that follows.

We will remember him fondly and are keeping his legacy alive. We are conducting business as usual and all orders in process are on schedule, so keep the orders coming, and they will be addressed with the same quality, care and pride you have come to expect from all of us at Ed Roman.

A more formal announcement from Lindsey Star Roman will be forthcoming. Thank you very much for your consideration.

Lindsey Star Roman and the Ed Roman Crew”


Ed was a somewhat controversial figure – he didn’t shy away from the occasional internet argument, his ‘Fabulous Fakes‘ guitar replicas raised the ire of many, and his rants about various guitar industry practices were legendary. But Ed really knew his stuff and had a lot of knowledge to share. For this reason I recommend checking out his website some time, even if you disagree with his replicas and opinions. And make sure you look at some of his more unusual creations. He worked with many great players, including Billy Gibbons, Paul Crook and Denny Laine. I only met him recently (by email) and he was friendly and courteous to me, but he had his share of detractors as well. One thing’s for sure, the internet will sure be a quieter, less controversial place without him!

My condolences to his family.