NAMM 2012: Parker Maxx Fly 7-string

Finally, the Parker 7-string that I always thought should exist, does exist. Parker unveiled this beauty at NAMM, and in person it looked like a pretty well-hewn axe. The particular natural tone and attack of the Parker Fly is something I’ve always thought would translate particularly well to seven strings. Of course, at RRP $5,999 USD it won’t be cheap…

It has a mahogany body reinforced with carbon fiber glass epoxy with a Parker 7 string bridge, a Seymour-Duncan Distortion SH6N pickup in the neck position and a Seymour-Duncan Distortion TB6 in the bridge position. Oh and there are Ghost piezo saddles with a MIDI preamp. Available in dusty black, galaxy grey, and metallic red, all in gloss finish.

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