NAMM 2012: Jarrell Monte Pittman MPS signature guitar

Madonna guitarist Monte Pittman will be rocking his signature Jarrell MPS guitar at the Superbowl this Sunday. I had the opportunity to check this axe out at NAMM and it’s pretty impressive. There are plenty of tonal options, between the Seymour Duncan P-Rail, STk-S7 Vintage Hot Stack and Dime Bucker pickups and custom wiring, and the guitar has a really wide natural dynamic range. It’s capable of humbucker, P-90 and single coil tones and a bunch of ‘in between’ sounds that I’ve never quite heard from any other guitar. It plays really nicely, and they look very cool. What more do you need?

Here’s some info from Jarrell:

“The Monte Pittman Signature Jarrell MPS is the result of the collaboration between the award winning visionary designer Phillip Jarrell and world renowned artist, writer, and guitarist Monte Pittman. Pittman plays so many different styles of music during any given performance that, until now, he required many different types of guitars to accommodate his needs. Utilizing Pittman’s feedback, Jarrell Guitars worked with MJ at the Seymour Duncan Shop to transform the finest MPS guitar at the time into something completely new – the most versatile instrument ever made. The Monte Pittman Signature Jarrell MPS boasts a mega set of Seymour Duncan pickups with a P-Rail neck, STk-S7 Vintage Hot Stack middle and a custom design SH-13 Dime Bucker Bridge. Both neck and bridge have 3 position mini switches, with custom wiring using a Super 5 way switch, and a kill switch. All together it seems Monte Pittman and Jarrell Guitars are hell bent on rocking the world – the sound of which is none other than simply amazing.”

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