Month: September 2012

Railhammer launches the Chisel – Bridge model

The Chisel – Bridge model pickup is aimed at hard rock and metal players. Using a high output Ceramic magnet and 44 gauge wire, the tone is aggressive and thick, but with enhanced clarity. The rail/pole structure allows players to dial in a tight percussive tone on the wound strings without the plain strings sounding thin or sterile. Riffs are loud and clear, even under heavy distortion.

REVIEW: Fret-King JD

Jerry Donahue is an almost unnaturally talented guitarist capable of dizzying feats of technique and melody. A few other companies (Fender and Peavey) have offered Jerry Donahue signature models in the past, and they were fine instruments. But Donahue says his new Fret-King trumps them all. Let’s check it out and see if he’s speaking the truth.

REVIEW: Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Top

The GS Mini is like the big brother of the legendary Baby Taylor. While the Baby Taylor won a lot of hearts due to its portability, easy playability and jack-of-all-trades tone, the GS Mini is not quite a small travel guitar in the same way as the Baby Taylor – but it’s not a full-bodied strummer either. It’s a portable-but-not-too-small instrument that gives the feel of a much bigger guitar.

New Line 6 James Tyler Variax models

Line 6’s James Tyler Variax guitars are a very cool way of getting the Variax technology into more players’ hands via an instrument with a boutique design pedigree. The line has just been expanded with a pair of new models – the JTV-59P and JTV-69S – which offer different pickup selections to the existing models.