Andy Timmons discusses the Ibanez Premium AT10P at Winter NAMM 2013:

“I was on MTV with Danger Danger, and I met the artist relations guy and I said “I think Ibanez is a company I’d like to deal with. That’s where I imagine myself being.” And he basically said “We love you but we hate your band. We want to work with you!” That was the beauty – that complete honesty. That honesty prevails in my relationship with Hoshino to this day. It’s all about quality, and that’s really important to me.

timmons“Once we came up with a guitar that I felt was home, back in 1994, I felt like I’d found a guitar that was for me. Several years later, when I was heading in more of a solo direction, we developed the AT-100. And the main thing for me on that guitar that was so important was that I wanted it to be exactly like my guitar. I thought there was no point in having a signature model if it’s not what I play. So along the way we were developing it, and I of course chose the most expensive option at every turn! But it was more about integrity. The neck had to feel right, it had to have the versatility and it had to sound like my guitar. And I still pick up production models of the AT-100 and some of them sound better than my old guitar. But I just won’t let that one go until it falls to dust. My luthier has suggested that if I have a few of these guitars, I should start playing them because that one’s going to fall apart!


“Fast forward to about a year ago, maybe longer. I was hearing about a new series in production in Indonesia – these amazing guitars that were going to be even more affordable. I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure how this was going to work. And Mike [Taft, Ibanez Artist Relations] brought me a prototype of the guitar and I was instantly blown away. And anybody who’s ever picked up one of my guitars will say that one of the most important things is that neck shape. It feels like an old, worn-in neck. And the fact that they nailed the neck, that was the first thing I was really blown away by. The profile of the neck, the feel of it and the way the frets are rounded on the edge, it’s that worn-in kind of feel. But everything’s basically the same on the guitar except for what I’d consider a couple of minor things. It’s my pickups – my custom DiMarzio AT-1 and the Cruisers which I’ve used since that guitar was built for me in 1994. There’s a great balance and a huge amount of sonic range. The bridge is still Gotoh, the saddles are more traditional which I’m actually enjoying. The feel, the tone, it’s all there and I couldn’t be happier with this instrument. I’m proud to go forward with the AT10P. Check it out, pick it up, and I think you’ll agree it’s an amazing guitar, and affordable. I can finally afford my own guitar!”