COOL GEAR ALERT: Two Notes Torpoedo C.A.B.

CAB thumbnailAah! This is perfect! A lot of us are huge fans of cabinet impulses in the studio but there hasn’t really been a practical way of using them live. You could take your laptop to a gig, but then what if someone runs off with it and finds your porn stash? Well the Torpedo C.A.B. will help you to retain your tone and your dignity by providing cabinet impulses in stompbox form. It’s not a loadbox (so don’t expect to be able to silently record your amp head), but it does include all the other features of the Torpedo Live (which is a loadbox), together with an input stage specifically tailored to accept pedal-level signals. 

There are two assignable footswitches, to which you can assign functions including Preset selection, Bypass, Mute, EQ On/Off and more, while musicians equipped with MIDI rigs will be able to remote-control the Torpedo C.A.B. via MIDI. The package includes a Torpedo C.A.B. pedal and one Torpedo PI-101 WOS, which is a state-of-the-art guitar/bass speaker simulation plug-in.

Right now the Guitar Pro store has a special offer: 10% off and the PI-101 plugin for free! Check it out here.

CABWhat I’d like to know, and I hope someone is reading this who can answer, is this: can you plug your amp’s effect output into it to use impulses while recording or onstage, while still using your cabinet? That’s a method I’ve been using at home with plugins just so I don’t have to always mic everything up, but it’s a real hassle to do on the computer. The ability to do it in stompbox form would be great.