My Interview With Albare

Albare-mainI recently had a great chat with jazz guitarist Albare for Australian Guitar magazine, which you can read here. Albare is a Gibson endorser, a pioneer of Acid Jazz and a lifelong devotee of jazz. I particularly like what he had to say about improvisation: “In the Talmud it says the distance between the head and the heart is the longest in the world. So for a musician to go from the learning and the understanding back to the giving through the heart, it’s a life experience. So what goes through my head? Here’s what goes through my head: I think about my mother. I think about the sea. I think about things that calm me and take my mind away. And then something happens which is a natural process, and I don’t think about it, and it happens and I communicate. And I’m a bit of a judge, and I can tell if I’m communicating or not. All of this happens simultaneously: the thinking of the mummy, the thinking of the sea, the thinking of your kids, or anything that inspires you. And thinking of whether what you’re doing is communicating. And at the same time, when you have an audience you’re feeding back from the audience. You can feel that energy. You understand that they want you to continue to tell the story, and it all happens and it’s all there. But none of that happens from me thinking ‘Oh, this is a minor chord and I’m going up to a half diminished…’ None of that is present.”