NEW GUITAR DAY: Ibanez Iron Label 8-String

iron label 8 stringIt’s here! My new Ibanez RGIR28FE! I purchased it from Ibanez Guitar Centre  after a few months of research into which model was right for me. So why 8-string? Well, I’ve been playing 7-string for about 10 years now and sometimes it just feels like my music wants to go lower than the 7 is capable of. I like to play basslines and melodies at the same time, and it’s a real bummer when you just can’t reach all the notes you hear in your head. The Iron Label series is designed specifically with metal in mind, with aggressive styling and active EMG pickups on most models (some have DiMarzios), but to be honest I’m probably not going to be playing a huge amount of death metal on mine. The eighth string seems to lend itself to lots of stoner rock and goth ideas, and the occasional Geezer Butler-style bassline, so I can imagine playing a lot of really earthy sounding stuff on this as I become more and more familiar with it. 

I’ll soon be swapping out the EMG 808s for a Seymour Duncan Pegasus and Sentient, although I’ll hang on to the EMGs to reinstall whenever I need them – it never hurts to have a spare set of pickups around for sessions and stuff like that, and these sound great. But I’m more of a passive-pickup guy so I’m looking forward to hearing how this guitar sounds when I wire up some coil-splitting capability. The wiring scheme I’m looking at involves a five-way switch: bridge humbucker, bridge single coil, bridge & neck single coil, neck single coil, neck humbucker. It just seems logical to have single coil options when you’re plumbing the depths of those low strings with a smoky, bluesy amp setting.

I’ll be posting a full review soon. In the meantime, you can find more info on the Iron Label series here. Thanks to Ibanez Guitar Centre for getting this guitar to me quickly: I contacted quite a few stores when I was trying to track one of these babies down and they got back to me the fastest with the lowest price, so I’m happy to support them here on I Heart Guitar.

Plus, I’m an Ibanez geek so it’s always nice to share the love with fellow Ibanez fans!


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