Magnetar copyYou may recall this recent post about my Seymour Duncan Custom Shop pickup, the Magnetar. Well now you can hear it! Listen to it on Bandcamp here (and if you like it feel free to kick in a buck or two). I’ll embed it below too so you can listen to it right here. The idea for the Magnetar was to capture a particular sound I heard in my head that I just wasn’t quite getting from any stock pickup. So here’s the description I sent to MJ at the Custom Shop:

“…A custom shop 7-string bridge pickup for a basswood Ibanez RG  (maple neck, rosewood fretboard): tight bass and slightly scooped mids but a bit of a kick in the upper mids and treble – a sort of ‘dry’ sound that gets percussive when palm-muting. I tend to favor bridge humbuckers between 11k and 14k. To put it another more  abstract way: a pickup whose tone feels like sanded maple, tastes like creme brûlée and looks like sunlight through a glass of beer.”

And here it is: the Magnetar. A Magnetar is a a neutron star with an extreme magnetic field… seems like the perfect name for this pickup, which has an Alnico 8 magnet and a DC resistance of 13.90k. I installed it in an Ibanez UV777BK 7-string Have a listen!

Wanna order your own Custom Shop pickup? Here ya go!

The Magnetar