Dave MustaineBurbank, California – Heavy metal legend Dave Mustaine has switched to Cleartone Monster strings; and the California-based guitar string manufacturer will release a signature set of .010-to-.052 gauge strings that pay tribute to the Megadeth founder and front man. According to Mustaine, “The first time I played Cleartone Strings, I noticed a ton more volume. They were bright, felt solid and durable, but really loud.” That’s because all Cleartone strings, including the heavy metal-centric Monster series, employ VolumeBOOST™. According to an independent sound lab, VolumeBOOST gives Cleartone strings up to 36% more loudness compared to uncoated strings.

In addition to VolumeBOOST, all Cleartone strings also include ToneLOCK™ technology. With ToneLOCK, Dave’s strings last three-to-five times longer than other non-coated strings. Because the coating is less than one micron thin, Cleartone Monster strings don’t shred or peel or suffer from the “feel” issues associated with other coated strings. Mustaine continues, “I didn’t even know they were treated until I realized how long they were on the guitar. They last much longer than other strings I’ve used.” And unlike other coated strings, the Cleartone treatment is applied to all six strings, including the unwound ones.

CleartoneMustaine used Cleartone Monster strings exclusively on Megadeth’s newest release, Super Collider. He’s using them throughout the Gigantour traveling heavy metal music fest, which Megadeth headlines and also features metal mainstays like Black Label Society and special guests Death Division. About his signature strings Mustaine says, “I really feel that Cleartone strings are amazing. They are the best sounding strings out there, which is why I use them exclusively on all my guitars.” The Cleartone Monster Mustaine .010-to-.052 set will have a USA MSRP of $19.00 and a USA street price of around $12.99 per set.

Cleartone Monster strings are owned by rock ‘n roll pioneer Phil Everly of the Everly Brothers, and the company is run by his son Jason Everly. Cleartone manufactures strings in their Burbank, California production facility. In addition to Cleartone and Monster, Everly owns the B-52s® brand of un-coated alloy-52 strings, Red® copper-bronze acoustic guitar strings, and Sevilla® classical guitar strings.