mementoI always love hearing of guitar makers incorporating non-guitarry influences in their work. Whether it’s an art style like Art Deco or Art Nouveau, a movement like Steampunk or a minimalist aesthetic Steinberger-style, it’s always great to see someone looking outside of the accepted sphere of guitar inspirations when it comes time to kit out that collection of wire and wood. PERRI INK. Custom Guitars’ latest is the Memento, which is inspired by the Christopher Nolan movie of the same name. And in true PERRI INK. Custom Guitars style, the model is being launched with some rather tasty-looking pics. Press release and plenty of photos below:

Introducing the PERRI INK. “Memento”

“We all need mirrors to remind ourselves who we are”. ~Leonard Shelby

Proudly presenting the “Memento” by PERRI INK. Custom Guitars. Loosely based on the movie written & directed by Christopher Nolan, the Memento is not playing tricks on your eyes. It was built completely backwards on purpose, but plays perfectly and sounds just as thrilling as the motion picture. Featuring a slightly distressed “Gold Top” finish, Callaham vintage style Trem, 3 Bare Knuckle Irish Tour pickups, quarter-sawn Maple neck with Rosewood board, and reverse body, neck, and headstock, this guitar is ready for its box office debut!

As always, PERRI INK. Custom Guitars are American made, and come with GHS Strings, a MONO guitar case, and Certificate of Authenticity.

Photos by Austin M Bauman

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