COOL GEAR ALERT: The Distillery By Tone Concepts

The-Distillery4-850x1024If there’s something I hear from artists during interviews over and over again, it’s that they’re usually a little bummed out that when they have to tour here in Australia they don’t always get to use their own rigs. They’re often saddled with rented backlines, even for big headlining tours. The Distillery by ToneConcepts is in part an attempt to address this problem, with plenty of clean boost power as well as a sophisticated tone-shaping circuit designed to get more out of your pickups, whether you need your single coils to be fatter or your humbuckers to be punchier. Check out Premier Guitar’s review with sound clips here. And here’s the press release:

Press Release: Musical instrument products manufacturer ToneConcepts Inc. released its first guitar pedal today, in collaboration with some of the world’s best-known guitarists, Nels Cline, Vince Gill, Los Lobos, Steve Lukather, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Billy Gibbons, Alex Skolnick and Dweezil Zappa.

Since 2008, ToneConcepts Inc. has tested gear with some of the world’s leading guitar players on the stage and in the studio. We’ve put new and vintage tones into their hands, under their feet and through their amps. In early-2013, we approached several artists with a few simple questions: What’s missing? What haven’t you found? What problem needs to be solved?

Pro guitarists wanted a pedal that would help them shape their tone through their own rigs or rented backlines.

The Distillery is the result.

The Distillery gives players up to 20dB of pure flexible power that sounds completely transparent. Whatever cables and pedals you run though, The Distillery will make you sound as if you’re playing your guitar straight into your amp. We’ve also developed a sophisticated tone-shaping circuit that can give your humbuckers a singlecoil edge and your single coils some humbucker body & punch.

The Distillery has been tested and approved by some of the world’s best tone-wranglers:

• Jim Campilongo
• Nels Cline (Wilco)
• Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top)
• Vince Gill
• Buddy Guy
• Los Lobos (David Hidalgo, Cesar Rosas, Louie Perez)
• Steve Lukather
• Robert Randolph
• Kenny Wayne Shepherd
• Alex Skolnick (AST, Testament)
• Dweezil Zappa

Here’s what they had to say:

“The Distillery makes my amp sound like it was on legal steroids! Thank you ToneConcepts, you’ve done it again!”

-Jim Campilongo

“Strong Tones! Excellent Sustain! The sounds achievable are great! “Guts” is killer! It really IS like an amp in a box that produces a lot of varied and appealing tones and that it has OOMPH, too. I’m seriously excited about the thing!”

—Nels Cline (Wilco)

“Don’t change a thing! I love it just he way it is! I have it on all the time. It is my favourite pedal!”

—David Hidalgo (Los Lobos)

“Great tone starts in the hands and with a great guitar and amp. As guitarists, we search our whole lives for something to make things sound better. The Distillery enhances my sound while still allowing the true character of my guitar to shine. It is the best I’ve ever heard or played.”

—Vince Gill

“Love it!  The sound is killer! It makes my amps sound even better!”

—Steve Lukather

“The Distillery allows me to get a smooth overdrive and great tone without ripping people’s heads off !!!”

-Robert Randolph

“This is one of my new go-to pedals. If you have an amp that just sounds OK, this pedal can make it sound great!”

-Kenny Wayne Shepherd

“It makes things sound better. It’s like moving to heavier strings, the sound becomes fuller and more responsive. And the overdrive is very tasteful. The Distillery works GREAT with Testament!!”

—Alex Skolnick (AST, Testament)

“I like to think of The Distillery as having volume knobs for the feel and character of sound. As the name suggests, The Distillery will help extract the purest fundamental elements of your guitar and amp tone and allow you to musically enhance them.”

-Dweezil Zappa

The press has been equally impressed:

“ToneConcepts’ The Distillery seems to be home to a billion different shades of OD with crazy-precise tone control.”

—Premier Guitar (Nashville NAMM)

“The Distillery is a powerful and sophisticated tone-sculpting tool. Chances are it will help you draw new shadings from your guitar, nudging tones in various directions as the musical setting demands. It’s a great resource for recording guitarists who must often shape tones to fit into a mix, or for players hoping to differentiate their tones within a multi-guitar band. Best of all, it won’t downgrade the sound of a great guitar/amp pairing.”

—Premier Guitar (November 2013)

About ToneConcepts Inc.

Designed and manufactured by ToneConcepts Inc. in Toronto, Canada, The Distillery is the first in a series of products developed in collaboration with some of the world’s best guitarists. This innovative new line is aggressively priced and addresses the discerning needs of professional touring musicians.

Distillery Pricing Details:

100% Analog, Designed and Hand Made in Toronto, Canada.

MSRP: $195.00 USD
MAP: $175.00 USD
Shipping: October 2013