From Pledgemusic: Throughout 2013, Gay Paris toured The Last Good Party like it was a religious experience – lives were changed, memories were made and lost and the world will never be the same. In the aftermath of their self-aggrandising Odyssey, the band regrouped, poured drinks and got back to doing what they’re best at (arguably after getting the party started): writing songs. Gay Paris are hitting the studio for album number three – and this time, it’s international. Everyone’s favourite party boys will be heading to San Francisco to revisit their work/drink relationship with super-producer Sam Pura on his home turf – Panda Studios. Whilst the guys have promised that “they’re all heavy songs”, the new writing direction will see our brave heroes reaching into Pandora’s box and leaving no intimate untouched. Things are going to get weird.

“Hail Satan!” was what W.H and Slim were screaming at each and every show in 2013, and now, as they kick back in the riff factory under the stern tutelage of Blacktooth and sage cadence of Six Guns, they’re still screaming…. that’s right, it’s time to get spiritual. As you already know, Gay Paris believe that nothing comes to the pure at heart and they’re about to get down and dirty in the pursuit of your sweet, sweet soul. Everything has a price, music, t-shirts, pub crawls and dignity: and it all gotta go – even one of Blacktooth’s ensorcelled guitars, blessed by Satan himself!

Be involved!! It’s as simple as that, and it has never been easier to grab a smile from the future: Faustian pacts just got sexy! Pre-order a download, CD or vinyl and know that there will be no grim future wherein The Last Good Party was taken far too literally. Need to look cooler or just want shirt to wear until you pop that top? Hook yourself up with a limited edition T-shirt and get a sweet poster and sticker as part of the deal: mark your territory. Hey, Gay Paris have style to spread around.

Want more? Great – Gay Paris want to give it to you. Feeling adventurous? Gay Paris will be organising a wide range of recreational activities guaranteed to expand your mind – Dungeons and Dragons with Slim and W.H, a BBQ and Pub Crawl with the whole band, house party and club DJ sets, – Hell, the band will take you on fucking tour with them: will you drink cheap wine with W.H or the actual rider with the other three fancy boys? Life is so much better at the bottom of the barrel.

Not brave enough to tour with these notorious party dudes? Cool, read about the inspiration for their adventures in W.H’s lyric book (unedited and unauthorised!) or grab Golden Tickets that will get you into any gig for a year….. and yes, once again, the idiot-savant front-man is putting his body on the line and will get a tattoo of your choice. Be tasteful, or don’t. It’s only your soul at stake.