DiMarzio Releases Ionizer 7 Pickups

DP709_DP711_DiMarzio_Ionizer-7PRESS RELEASE: DiMarzio, Inc. announces the release of two new Ionizer 7™ humbucking pickups for 7-string electric guitars. The Ionizer 7™ pickups are an outgrowth of the 8-string pickups designed and developed for Tosin Abasi’s TAM100 signature guitar by Ibanez, and are available for retail sale from DiMarzio. 8-string guitars are Tosin Abasi’s primary instruments, but he’s no stranger to 7-string guitars, and the idea of the Ionizer 7™ came up soon after the Ionizer 8™ left the drawing board.

The Ionizer 7™ Neck Model pickup (DP709) isn’t simply the 7-string version of the Ionizer 8™. The highs are a little brighter and the lows are a little deeper, to bring out the specific frequency response of the 7-string. As with the Ionizer 8™, the single-coil sound is as important as the series humbucking sound, and the split mode is clear and open, with highs that are bright but not thin.

Like the Ionizer 8™ Bridge Model, the Ionizer 7™ Bridge Model (DP711) mids are powerful and focused, and it has both power and enough headroom to clean up when the volume is rolled down. Because the typical 7-string scale length is shorter than the 8-string neck, we designed the Ionizer 7™ models to have both increased treble emphasis and very smooth highs. The low end is also leaner, for clean reproduction of the 7th string.

DiMarzio’s Ionizer 7™ Neck and Bridge Model pickups are made in the U.S.A. and may now be ordered for immediate delivery. Suggested List Price is $129.99 each. For more information about Ionizer 7™  pickups, please visit our website at www.dimarzio.com.

DP709_DP711_DiMarzio_Ionizer-7 DP709_DP711_DiMarzio_Ionizer-7