Man, this thing looks so cool! The PreDrive is a studio grade, dual foot-switchable guitar preamp designed to be the first pedal in your chain. Built in the USA with two discrete opamp chips and audiophile components throughout, the PreDrive will preserve every detail of any instrument plugged into it. Its preamp was designed to serve the unique needs of a matching impedances of magnetic pickups, and can be used as a preamp for almost any instrument outfitted with a magnetic pickup. With a full frequency range and a transformer coupled Direct Output you can capture great direct in tones in the studio, perfect for reamping, using virtual amps or even use the PreDrive in front of digital effects units to add extra dimension and clarity to your tone. More info on Pettyjohn here.

Main Features:

1) High headroom, transparent input buffer/ preamp with true bypass
2) Vari-Z switch adjusts the input impedance to better match between different guitars
3) Foot switchable boost with up to 11 dB of gain
4) Wide range sweepable High Cut and Low Cut filters for shaping great base tone
5) Harmonic Drive Circuit and drive knob mix in extra warmth and harmonic saturation if desired
6) Separate Buffered Tuner Output
7) Transformer coupled direct output on balanced TRS jack
8) Audiophile components throughout (1% precision metal film resistors, audio grade metalized polypropylene input coupling capacitor, no electrolytic capacitors in the signal path)
9) Uses standard 18-24 volt pedal power. Supply available separately
10) Durable, custom metal enclosure made in the USA
11) Custom, hand finished Vintage Blue Patina paint job
12) Standard PCB and handwired editions available, both versions are fully made in the USA