Seymour Duncan SLUGIts DC resistance is 48k. It lives for stoner/doom metal. It’ll drink all your beer and go through your stuff but it’ll also help you move house because it’s cool like that. It once hog-tied a Rancor. It patched things up between Mork and Mindy when things were looking a little rough. It likes long walks by the swamp. REAL long walks. It was the one who nicknamed John Wayne ‘The Duke.’ It’s SLUG. And it’s waiting for you right now in the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop store for only $130.

In all seriousness though, I tried a prototype of this bad-boy when I was in Santa Barbara in January and I was blown away by the punch and crunch, along with the midrange warmth. And of course the output. If you’re into doomy, desert-y riffy rock and metal this thing is going to really dish it out. There’s really nothing out there like it and I can’t wait to hear what folks do with it when they get their paws on them. Here’s Keith Merrow putting one through its paces in a prototype Schecter KM-6.

Seymour Duncan SLUG