Earl Slick Releases Own Guitar Line

slickguitarsiconLegendary guitarist Earl Slick (David Bowie, John Lennon, Little Caesar and official Coolest Man Alive) has partnered with GFS Pickups to release a whole line of guitars and pickups, in addition to the strap line that Slick had been working on with GFS. When I interviewed Slick for Premier Guitar last year he said he was working on a P-90 pickup with the company. I guess a lot can happen in a year! The line includes four guitars (based on a Strat, a Les Paul, a Melody Maker and a Telecaster), plus a whole bunch of pickups including humbuckers, P90s, and single coils for Strat and Tele. Personally I really dig a couple of the guitars – I’d use the heck out of the SL54 for raw rock and for pickup experiments (who doesn’t want a single-humbucker rock axe, right?), and the SL59 looks like a lot of fun for filthy blues and punk. More pics below.


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