Introducing The Mono Guitar Sleeve & Bass Sleeve

Mono Guitar Sleeve and Bass Sleeve

PRESS RELEASE: The Guitar Sleeve and Bass Sleeve are the latest addition to MONO’s collection of professional luggage for musicians. Designed to be a minimalist solution for traveling light and simple, the new Sleeve collection of cases merges MONO’s innovative protection and high quality construction standards into a super slim, stylish and competitive price-point design.

“The guitar itself is quite small, thin, and light. We wanted to challenge ourselves to create a super minimalist way to carry a guitar, while still providing a level of protection worthy of being called a MONO. So, we created the Guitar Sleeve and the Bass Sleeve” says MONO Founder and CEO, Daniel Kushner. “Nothing protects a guitar like our VertigoTM hybrid case design, so we started there. We took some of the award-winning design features from the Vertigo and streamlined them to fit inside the Sleeve”.

The Guitar Sleeve and Bass Sleeve feature a slimmer variation of the HeadlockTM – MONO’s patented neck suspension system. This slimmer Headlock is molded from solid, shock- absorbing EVA rubber to protect the neck and headstock from impact during falls. When your guitar is zipped-in, its neck is automatically secured inside the Headlock’s contoured groove.

Like the Vertigo, the Sleeves are also Top-LoadingTM for quick, stand-up access. At the bottom, the Sleeves feature a super slim EVA insole to keep the body off the ground and protect the strap pin from bottoming-out when the Sleeve is put down too hard.

“We were able to fit these new products into a great price point, which makes the Guitar Sleeve and Bass Sleeve more affordable for students and aspiring musicians as well” says International Sales Manager, Randy Couvillon. “The Sleeves will surely become popular and profitable additions to our distributor and dealer networks”.

The Guitar Sleeve and Bass Sleeve are available in Jet Black and Ash color options. For pricing, availability and other information:


(03) 9873 4333