Help Fund A Film About Grover Jackson

Grover Jackson altered the course of guitar design forever. His pioneering work in what we know of as the ‘superstrat’ would be enough to put him in the history books – and that’s before you even consider the long shadow cast by the guitars he designed with Randy Rhoads. Or his work with various companies in the period between leaving Jackson and starting his own company, GJ2 Guitars. Now there are plans for a film about Grover, his history and his contributions to the guitar. An Indiegogo campaign is underway to help fund the film, and there are all sorts of great perks from posters, DVDs and shirts to a shop tour, a Glendora guitar or custom axe. From the Indiegogo listing:

Hello Friends,
My name is Jon Gold , I am formerly the VP of Fender Guitars and now co-owner of GJ2 Guitars with Grover Jackson. We are making a history piece on the legendary guitar builder Grover Jackson. His humble beginnings and how he turned the guitar industry on his head in the 80’s with his crew of mostly 21 year old kids taking over the troubled Charvel repair shop. With the success of Edward Van Halen’s black and yellow Charvel strat featured on the Van Halen II album, he was able to turn his shop into the first high-end custom guitar manufacturer in the world. When Grover Jackson designed the Concord Series with Ozzy Osborne’s guitar player Randy Rhoads that was so successful he launched his second company bearing his own name Jackson guitars. He enabled guitar players to push the envelope to new heights which caused a movement to advancing rock music as we know it today.

This film will immortalize the legacy of Grover Jackson and inspire musicians/entrepreneur of the future and keeping the american dream.

What We Need & What You Get

We need to raise $250000 to help with the following costs: director, editing, producer, camera gear, sound gear, travel expenses, hard drives, promotion, posters, DVDs/BluRays, IMDB Pro account, photo copyrights and song copyrights, legal, etc.