Ibanez Premium Universe & Jem Reissues!


Whoa! Christmas came early to subscribers to Steve Vai’s newsletter! In 2015 Ibanez will be releasing reissues of the blue floral Jem and the white Universe. The blue Jem – eh, I can take or leave that one – but the white Universe? Vai recorded “For The Love Of God” on a white Universe! And Korn fans are going to flip out over these too. Vai also announced that the super-affordable Jem Jr (previously only available in certain markets to combat counterfeits) will now be available worldwide!

The newsletter introduces the new axes thusly: ” All the way back in 1986, just before Christmas, Ibanez received Steve Vai’s guitar specifications to create his “dream guitar”. After several months of prototyping and getting the samples to and from Japan, the JEM guitar (and the RG series) launched at the NAMM Industry Trade Show in June 1987. Fast forward an incredible 28 years later and the JEM is still one of the most successful signature guitars ever created. And guess what? It’s before Christmas again and at Winter NAMM 2015, 3 beautiful new Ibanez guitars will debut! Here is the very first look of the official pictures for the guitars and their descriptions below.”

For more on the history of the Jem, see my article for Premier Guitar. And click here to see Ibanez Jems and Universes on eBay.

Ibanez UV71PWH

The second of the Ibanez Premium Universe series, featuring white cosmetic attributes.

uv7Official specs:

Wizard 7 5pc Maple/Walnut neck with KTS TITANIUM rods
American Basswood Body
Rosewood fretboard with Disappearing Pyramid inlay
Jumbo Frets with Premium fret edge treatment
DiMarzio Blaze pickups
Edge-Zero II-7 Tremolo bridge
Cosmo Black Hardware


Ibanez Jem 77 PBFP 

A Premium version of Steve’s classic Blue Floral Pattern Jem 

jembfpOfficial specs:

Wizard 5pc Maple/Walnut Neck with KTS TITANIUM rods
American Basswood Body
Maple Fretboard with Tree of Life Inlay
Jumbo Frets with Premium fret edge treatment
DiMarzio Gravity Storm/Evolution/Gravity Storm Pickups
Edge-Zero II Tremolo bridge
Cosmo Black Hardware


Ibanez Jem Jr.

Lastly, the Jem Jr. is now the most affordable Ibanez Jem and is going to be available worldwide. Note that the Jem Jr. is not a “Jr” sized guitar, it’s the same scale length as the other Jem models.

jemjrOfficial specs:

Wizard III Maple neck
Mahogany body
Rosewood Fretboard
Jumbo Frets
Quantum pickups
Srd. DL tremolo bridge
Cosmo Black Hardware