Meet The Dwarfcraft ARF

Check out the new Dwarfcraft ARF (Attack Release Filter). It’s everything you ever wanted in a filter, complete with a picture of a sexy lady with a dog’s head. Naturally. The Attack/Release envelope has a huge range and the activation of the envelop and the duration of the sustained peak are controlled by a foot switch or CV gate signal. The envelope is then routed to an aggressive low pass filter with enough “extra” on the resonance to get some self oscillation. The filter cutoff can also be controlled via CV input. There are also CV outs for integration with your synth or Eurorack set ups. Read More …

INTERVIEW: Ace Frehley


Ace Frehley. Just the mere mention of his name is enough to send a jolt through the veins of those with even a passing knowledge of KISStory. Whether you subscribe to the mythology of ‘Space Ace’ being a visitor from the planet Jendel or you tend to go with the less colourful version of the story (he’s from the Bronx), Ace represents a certain combination of earthiness and exoticness. In his days with KISS his iconic Spaceman character brought comic book mystique to established guitar hero tropes. His post-KISS career has seen him explore material that’s generally a little more ‘street,’ with more overt nods to his bluesier inspirations. But that doesn’t mean Ace is averse to an occasional trip back to his home planet: last year he released Space Invader, a self-produced album of mostly original tracks along with a very Ace-ian cover of Steve Miller’s “The Joker” which enjoyed a #9 debut on the Billboard 200 charts – the only time a solo album by any past or present KISS member has hit the US top 10. And Ace returns to Australia in April and May with his triple-pickup Les Pauls in tow. Tickets here. Read More …

Chris Adler Confirmed For Megadeth Album


It’s a shame that news of this leaked early because it’s been fun following the official Megadeth site’s drip-feeding of information about the band’s 15th album. They’ve just confirmed – via a memory game on their website where you had to match images of Megadeth album covers, pics of adorable lambs, and images of various film depictions of God (George Burns, Morgan Freeman and Alanis Morrissette). A press release has also been sent out to media and you can read it below. So who will the guitarist be? There are rumours about that too but let’s just wait and see. I’m quite enjoying how the band is choosing to put the information out there.  Read More …

Want An Ormsby Endorsement?


I know there are plenty of professional and semi-professional folks who read this blog, and I know you all like really, really freaking good guitars, right? Well right now Ormsby Guitars is looking for a few new endorsers to help spread the word and, of course, play some incredible instruments. If you have a decent following and think you’d be a great ambassador for Ormsby Guitars, visit to register your interest. At this stage priority is given to multiscale instruments but Ormsby will consider regular guitars too.

Oakland Axe Factory Headless 6/7/8-String Line

Falcon8 plain jpeg

PRESS RELEASE: Following the Oakland Axe Factory SS8 and SS7 models, the new headless guitar model, Falcon, is available with the same open selection as aforementioned models, which lets players put together their own ideal version of the instrument. Read More …

EarthQuaker Devices’ Jamie Stillman On Let There Be Talk

Check out this week’s episode of Dean Delray’s Let There Be Talk podcast. Dean talks to Jamie Stillman, founder of pedal company EarthQuaker Devices. Jamie gives some great insight into pedals in general, EarthQuaker in particular, the craziness of the NAMM Show and all sorts of other good stuff. Check out the episode in the widget above or click here to open it in a new window. And you can check out my interview with Dean on