Van Halen Hit The Road

Van Halen fans (in the USA), rejoice! The band is hitting the road for a greatest hits tour this year, and they’ll kick off preparations with a performance for Jimmy Kimmel Live on March 30. They’ll then appear on Ellen on April 2, and the tour kicks off on July 5 in Seattle. And don’t forget, their new live album is about to land. It just arrived in my advance media streamy promo dealie and it sounds raw and wild like it should. Here’s the press release including 2015 tour dates: Read More …

Headbore Release Video For ‘Temptress’

PRESS RELEASE: One of Adelaide’s premier metal bands, Headbore, has released the official film clip for, ‘Temptress’ of off their acclaimed debut album, Strength In Numbers. ‘Temptress’ was filmed on location in rural South Australia on the same weekend and just thirty minutes away from the horrific bushfires that devastated several local communities in early January this year. Read More …

New Scale The Summit Album Finished

Scale The Summit
Scale The Summit has just posted this on their Facebook: “Our new shreddin’ album will be titled “V”, due out this summer via Prosthetic Records. We wrapped up the recording process a few days ago and now will have the amazing Jamie King mix this bad boy. Can’t put into words how excited we are about this material! Artwork reveal coming soon!”

Tone Vs Sound


If you’ve ever spent any time hanging around a guitar-related Facebook page or forum, you’ve probably found yourself tangled up in a debate about the nature and origin of tone. Is it all in the fingers? Is it all about gear? If it’s a combination of the two, what’s the ratio? Can you sound like Player X if you get their exact same equipment? Is signature gear just an elaborate red herring to make us think we’re buying the same stuff some guitar hero uses, but in reality they’re using one-off custom equipment forged in some far-off village by a guitar-building hermit? Read More …