PRESS RELEASE: Epiphone, the world leader in affordable professional instruments, kicks off summer 2015 by announcing new updated versions of two classic Epiphone archtops, the Sheraton-II PRO and the Joe Pass Emperor-II PRO. Both models are now available in a Wine Red finish and feature the critically acclaimed ProBucker™ pickups with coil-tapping, a Graphtech® NuBone XL™ nut.

“We’re so glad to re-introduce these historic Epiphone archtops,” said Epiphone President Jim Rosenberg. “They are both great examples of how Epiphone finds new ways to bring value to our fans and make a classic instrument new again.”

Both the Epiphone Sheraton and Joe Pass Emperor models have a long history with Epiphone. After Epiphone joined the Gibson Family of Instruments in the late ’50s, the Sheraton was Epiphone’s first new archtop made at the legendary Kalamazoo factory that also produced the Casino and the Texan. The Joe Pass Emperor was designed with jazz legend Joe Pass – “President of Be Bop Guitar” – and one of Epiphone’s first modern signature artists.

Epiphone Sheraton-II PRO

The new Epiphone Sheraton-II PRO updates Epiphone’s most influential “thin-line,” semi-hollowbody electric archtop first released in 1959 with critically acclaimed new ProBucker™ pickups with coil-tapping and the Sheraton’s famous Abalone and Pearloid block inlay. Over the decades, Sheraton II fans have included Heath Fogg of Alabama Shakes and blues legend John Lee Hooker.

Joe Pass

Joe Pass Emperor-II PRO

The new Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor-II PRO honors one of the groundbreaking electric guitarists in jazz. The Joe Pass Emperor-II PRO is a true archtop with hand-scalloped bracing and sound post along with Epiphone’s critically acclaimed new ProBucker™ pickups with coil-tapping.

For the first time, both the Epiphone Sheraton-II PRO and the Joe Pass Emperor-II PRO are available in a new Wine Red finish and include a Graphtech® NuBone XL™ nut, molded and engineered for consistent tone and string balance as well as precise string spacing.

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