You know the BluGuitar AMP1 MERCURY EDITION, right? Amp-on-the-floor designed by Thomas Blug, formerly of Hughes & Kettner? Great guitarist in his own right with a Vintage signature guitar line? Well BluGuitar has just announced a new entry to the amp series: the AMP1 IRIDIUM EDITION, voiced specifically for metal players. Check it out:

It has three three independent, discrete overdrive channels (Modern, Classic and Vintage), along with a Clean channel. Here’s how the press release describes them: 

MODERN – With its extremely high gain reserves, this channel delivers crystal-clear string separation through a massive low-cut, and the Custom Control TONE knob lets you dial from a “cut thru the mix” solo sound to the typical “maximum brutality” mid scoop.

CLASSIC – Due to the hard distortion characteristics and the specially tuned bass filter, this channel is percussive and significantly wider and harder in the mid-range than VINTAGE. The mid-range can be shaped by the Custom Control TONE from “Hot Rodded British High Gain” to “Teutonic wall of sound“.

VINTAGE – Tight and mid-emphasized woody sounds that are transmitted tightly especially using extreme low tunings while delivering creamy midrange distortion.

CLEAN – Massive headroom thanks to the 100 watt power amp and treble reserves, which give even mid-emphasized humbuckers a transparent, sparkling clean sound. The optimal platform for pedals like shimmer reverb, modulation or delay.

I super-like that it has a) a boost; b) a noise gate and c) reverb. There’s also a series/parallel effects loop and a recording out, and it’ll power the hell out of your speaker cabinets with 16 ohm and 8 ohm outputs.

AMP1 IRIDIUM EDITION will be at the Guitar Summit 2019 ( from Sept.27th – September 29th 2019 in Mannheim, Germany. The amp can be played and listened at multiple testing stations and at the BluGuitar booth # 223

A dedicated AMP1™ IRIDIUM EDITION workshop is scheduled for Saturday September 28th from 17:15 – 18:00 at the Recording Stage.

AMP1 IRIDIUM EDITION will be available after November 1, 2019 from dealers worldwide for USD 849, Euro 799, and GBP 810.