I feel like I’d practice guitar a million times more often if I wasn’t so sensorily distracted: that is, if I feel encumbered by cords and stuff – especially if I’m playing along to tracks through headphones – it really takes me out of the moment. I’ve always wished there was a really good headphone amp. BOSS seems to have risen to the challenge with the Waza-Air Wireless Personal Guitar Amplification System. It consists of two physical elements – a pair of wi-fi headphones and a wireless transmitter to plug into your guitar – plus the free BOSS Tone Studio app.

Now, an easy way to get Waza sounds into your headphones would be cool enough, but what really makes this system extra-interesting to me its its spatial intelligence. There are three modes designed to provide natural ‘amp-in-room’ tone rather than just cramming the direct sound into your head: Surround Mode puts the amp in a virtual room, and you can think of this as sitting in the control room of a studio listening to your perfectly mic’d amp through your cans. Stage Mode recreates the sound of the amp coming from behind you as you perform (and this can be a very valuable thing to learn to get used to if you’re a newer guitarist who isn’t used to performing onstage yet: it can be very different to playing in your room, and often early on you’ll be on a small stage with no monitors). But for me the most exciting mode is Static Mode, which places the amp in a virtual location in a room, with the amp and room sound changing depending on how you move your head. That just sounds like lots of fun to me.

Here’s the official press release.


BOSS Introduces Waza-Air Wireless Personal Guitar Amplification System

Revolutionary New Wearable, Over-Ear Guitar System with Natural “Amp-in-Room” Tone

Los Angeles, December 5, 2019BOSS, a leading manufacturer and distributor of some of the world’s most popular electric guitar effects and amplifiers, introduces the Waza-Air Wireless Personal Guitar Amplification System, a revolutionary new wearable, over-ear sound system for guitarists. In BOSS Waza tradition, Waza-Air combines decades of expertise with cutting-edge innovation to present a breakthrough musical product that truly pushes the envelope. Melding BOSS’s premium amp, effects, and wireless technologies with dynamic 3D sound and natural “amp-in-room” tone, Waza-Air delivers a unique guitar amplification experience that’s never been available until now.

While often necessary to avoid bothering others, playing guitar through traditional headphones offers a less-than-satisfying experience that lacks the depth and dimension of playing a real amp in a real room. Waza-Air changes all that, restoring the natural dimension, resonance, and “moving air” feel to provide an engaging and inspiring monitoring environment for the player. An integrated gyro sensor tracks head movements as the user plays, driving sophisticated 3D algorithms that produce an immersive sound field with extraordinary spatial realism.

Waza-Air’s advanced ambience setups provide three realistic environments to play in. Surround mode places the amp in a virtual room, providing an immersive experience like playing a recording studio. Static mode provides natural spatial localization, where the combined amp and room sound continually changes depending on where the user moves their head. Finally, Stage mode places the user center stage, with the amp sound coming from a virtual backline behind them.

Waza-Air features tones and controls from the stage-class Katana amplifiers, with full customization available using the free BOSS Tone Studio app for iOS and Android. Five amp types deliver tones from classic clean to high gain, plus a full-range voice that’s ideal for bass or acoustic-electric guitar. Over 50 effect types are available as well, including mod, delay, and reverb effects optimized for Waza-Air’s unique spatial experience. And with six onboard memories, users can store favorite setups and recall them with dedicated buttons.

In addition to providing a wireless connection to BOSS Tone Studio, Waza-Air’s built-in Bluetooth lets the user jam along with songs from their mobile device. When used with Stage mode, the streaming music plays from the backline along with the amp sound, simulating a live performance environment. It’s also possible to remotely control volume and playback functions with a multi-function lever on Waza-Air.

All audio connectivity with Waza-Air is 100-percent wireless, allowing users to move and play in complete freedom. Advanced wireless tech from BOSS’s acclaimed WL series provides premium sound quality, effortless set up, and great playing feel with ultra-low latency. The headphones and included transmitter also feature auto standby and wake functions, conserving the life of their built-in rechargeable batteries between playing sessions.

Availability & Pricing

The BOSS Waza-Air Wireless Personal Guitar Amplification System is available December 5, 2019, for $399.99.

Press kit including hi-res images, press release, specs and more is available here.

To learn more about Waza-Air, visit www.boss.info.

About BOSS

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