5 Creative Ways to Promote Your Music



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As a musician, you want your work to reach millions of people and get recognized and appreciated. But if you’re new to music, chances are you’re facing the same challenges as the thousands of new and independent musicians out there. Promoting your work and gaining influence is typically the most daunting aspect of a musician’s career.

Remember that musicians only start to make any real money when they have enough people willing to listen to their music and enjoy it. But that is only possible if you make yourself heard to the general public.

But how do you promote your music if you’re just an amateur musician with no real impact in the industry yet? Getting a sold-out concert seems like a big task if you’re just starting out, but there are other creative ways to promote your music. Let’s take a look at some of those methods.


1. Use Social Media Platforms

Social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are powerful tools to promote just about everything, including music. Charles from Guitar Junky says there really is no better way to reach the global public than using social media to your advantage. Geographical limitations do not apply to social networks, which means you can muster a follower base from all over the world instead of just your local neighborhood.

While using social media to promote your music should be second nature at this point, there are plenty of ways to go about it. First things first: create your pages and profiles on these platforms and release your content for public viewing. This method will showcase your work virtually to anyone landing on your profile. It will also connect you with your fans and listeners, getting you both feedback and possibly some free publicity. Social media marketing can even open opportunities for you to network and collaborate with other, more experienced artists.

2. Video and Audio Streaming Services

Most music lovers head over to video streaming services like Youtube and audio streaming services like Spotify and Sound Cloud to satisfy their cravings for music. These platforms provide your target audience with direct access to your work. If the content is good enough, and you’ve designed the uploads to take full advantage of these services’ algorithms, you might be able to reach a new level of fame altogether.

These services are mostly free to use, and at this stage, they’re great for marketing your work rather than making bucks. You can even send your tracks to major promotional pages and influencers on these platforms to further promote your music by featuring your songs on their channels having millions of subscribers.

3. Online Advertising

Supplementing your social media marketing efforts with paid sponsorships or online advertisements can lift your promotional campaign to a whole new level. Think about using Google Ads to reach more people. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram also provide you with the option to run paid campaigns.

Online advertisements allow you to advertise your music to users who may not have even heard of you until now, let alone follow your pages. These ads follow specific patterns, and their algorithms target people most likely to follow your music, based on their search history, interests, and demographics.

You pay for these ads based on how long you want the platform to display your sponsored posts to potential followers. This strategy, if used correctly, could massively boost your follower count in a matter of days.

On the other hand, you can even make money by using ads in your music videos on your Facebook page and Youtube channel. However, you have to generate a fair amount of viewership before making any money on these networks.


4. Spotify 

Spotify is yet another great place to promote your music and reach music lovers from across the world. Upload your music to the site, create unique and fresh playlists, and employ some powerful promotion strategies to get your work in front of your target audience.

However, you need an initial kick on platforms like Spotify to get more followers and plays. It is a good idea to buy Spotify followers and plays for social proof, so other people can start to follow you on the music streaming site.

5. Media Company

Hiring a media company that specializes in music promotion can help grow your career. If chosen carefully, these services can successfully land you live performance gigs. While these media companies are costly, they are experts in the field and know what it takes to promote your work and reach your audiences. Companies like Spotipromo offer their clients to buy spotify streams and followers in minutes.


Gone are the days when you needed to spam gig invites and mixtapes to your online friends and contacts to persuade them to give your work a listen. By following these 5 tips, you won’t ever need to come off as that annoying newbie musician friend desperate for attention. You’re now on your way to grow your fanbase organically and craft your career as a professional musician.

New Fender Offsets Make Life Worth Living In This Hellpit


Mustang®, Duo-Sonic™, Duo-Sonic™ HS, Mustang® 90, Mustang® Bass PJ Join Player Series Family, Inspiring Artists like beabadoobee, Omar Apollo, The Black Pumas, The Regrettes, and Music Lovers Around The World To Create  

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (July 14, 2020)—Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) today released new, highly anticipated additions to its Player Series line of electric guitars and basses. The Series now features reimagined Mustang®, Duo-SonicDuo Sonic™ HS, Mustang® 90, and Mustang® PJ Bass models in 10 colours new to the Player Series, including Firemist Gold, Desert Sand, Aged Natural and Burgundy Mist Metallic. Available through local retailers beginning today, each delivers the classic look, comfort and signature Fender sound that has helped shape popular music for over 74 years.

In 2018, Fender introduced the Player Series as a means of empowering players to take that next step in their musical journey. Now, the next generation of artists is bringing these iconic Fender models into a new decade with videos featuring soulful duo The Black Pumas, power-pop band The Regrettes, singer-songwriter Omar Apollo, and U.K. bedroom pop sensation beabadoobee. 

“More people are playing guitar than ever before,” said Justin Norvell, EVP of Fender Products. “Music fans everywhere continue to turn to music and playing guitar in times of hardship and artists are finding new ways to create. Like our artists, we’re always pushing the boundaries of what a guitar can be, giving players products that inspire and deliver quality craftsmanship, timeless design and iconic sound that take their music to new heights. These new offset models are no exception and bring some of our most popular designs and vintage-inspired colours to the Fender brand’s entry point and the forefront of a musical renaissance.”

The Player Series was built to unlock infinite creative opportunities for those looking to express their individual style with Fender’s often imitated–but never duplicated–gear. Mustang, Duo Sonic, Duo Sonic HS, Mustang 90 and Mustang Bass models are available in colours new to the Player Series, including Firemist Gold, Desert Sand, Aged Natural and Burgundy Mist Metallic. These offset electric guitars retail for $1,199 and the Mustang Bass PJ is priced at $1,299. The Player Series continues to set the benchmark for quality and performance, with upgraded, cool features, including: vintage-inspired pickups for legendary tones reminiscent of the world’s most influential records; modern “C” shaped necks for comfort; roadworthy hardware for reliable performance and easier setup; fresh colours; the classic Fender logo and “F”-stamped neck plate for a more authentic Fender look. 

Earlier this year, Fender released the Player Lead series featuring a new solid-body design, hard-tail bridges and cool new wiring options for the unconventional, offbeat, and most importantly, undefined players. The series offers the choice of the Player Lead II (an homage to the late `70s models) and the Player Lead III (a tribute to the original 1982-only model), which both incorporate era-correct Lead Series specs with a blend of the modern Player Series specs offering style, power, and versatility in comfortable, easy-to-play models.

Player Series instruments mark a player’s official entry into the Fender brand and are perfect for a wide assortment of guitarists – from inspirational artists to fans that are just learning online with digital learning app Fender Play®. In an effort to welcome new players into the fold, Fender has created a New Players Buying Guide with resources for beginning players who need gear advice and direction on where to start. 

For a full break down of Player Series specs, click here. For product and artist images of beabadoobee, Omar Apollo, The Black Pumas and The Regrettes, click here.    

For technical specs, additional information on new Fender products and to find a retail partner near you, visit www.fender.com. Join the conversation on social media by following @Fender.  

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Since 1946, Fender has revolutionized music and culture as one of the world’s leading musical instrument manufacturers, marketers and distributors. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC)–whose portfolio of brands includes Fender®, Squier®, Gretsch® guitars, Jackson®, EVH® and Charvel®–follows a player-centric approach to crafting the highest-quality instruments and digital experiences across genres. Since 2015, Fender’s digital arm has introduced a new ecosystem of products and interactive experiences to accompany players at every stage of their musical journey. This includes innovative apps and learning platforms designed to complement Fender guitars, amplifiers, effects pedals, accessories and pro-audio gear and inspire players through an immersive musical experience. FMIC is dedicated to unlocking the power of musical expression for all players, from beginners to history-making legends.