10-year-old me’s pick pouch

Here’s something fun. It’s my pick pouch from when I was 10 years old. A little D & J McCallum’s Perfection Scotch Whisky leather thing. And inside… The picks I used in my first year of learning guitar, including 10-year-old-me’s attempt at making my own Jazz III out of an
Ernie Ball Music Man Medium (which I chose for this surgery specifically because it was red).
As you can see, I was merciless on my plectra. All of these were busted on nylon strings, no doubt playing ‘Dogs Are Talking’ by The Angels and ‘Cry In Shame’ by Diesel Music


I imagine the pouch itself (minus the picks) is probably worth something to whisky collectors, but I ain’t selling it because it’s unlikely to fetch the thousands I need for a Music Man Axis.