Introducing the First Ever Railhammer Pickups in Glorious Gold

TOLEDO, OH (November 9, 2020) – Railhammer Pickups are now available in gold. Customers have been clamoring for gold Railhammers for their guitars with gold hardware. Several models of the replacement pickups are now available in gold.

Patented Railhammer Pickups take passive guitar pickups to a new level of performance. Rails under the wound strings lead to tighter lows and poles under the plain strings for fatter highs. Railhammer Pickups have outstanding tonal balance. With increased clarity, the passive pickup’s tone is never sterile.

Railhammer humbuckers produce incredible tone like no other pickup. Railhammer Humcutters deliver that venerated P90 tone without any of the hum. All Railhammers let the guitar be loud and clear.

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