So I dug out a song I wrote and recorded in 2000…

Please enjoy ‘Spacegirl.’ It’s a silly little song I wrote when I was 20. At the time I posted it on and it went to the top of the charts (not that a lot of people were on there at the time) and got a little bit of airplay. It even appeared on the Today Show on Channel Nine during a segment on MP3 players.

It’s a bit naive and amateur but it has its own little charm, I think. Sorry the solo is mixed so low. Anyway you can buy it for a dollar on Bandcamp or name your own price, if you want to.

Oh and the guitar is my homemade parts Tele (the Telepartser) into a KORG AX1G, direct into my computer’s mic input. I used to record audio tracks in some really basic Cubase clone I’ve forgotten the name of, and then chop each part up into individual bars which I would drop into FruityLoops to edit into verses and choruses and to put effects on.