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Keeley Limited Release Black Glass British Fuzz

PRESSS RELEASE: Keeley Electronics today announced it is building the Black Glass British Fuzz effect pedal. The pedal will be limited to 150 units. The 100% hand-built Black Glass is a modern compact circuit of the classic OC81 based design and was created for the most demanding fuzz effects lovers. The Black Glass offers a wealth of tone bending vintage musical MkIII sounds with reduced noise and treble response and a modern power supply. With controls for FUZZ, TONE, and LEVEL the Black Glass makes it easy for players to dial in very wild amounts of fuzz. Modifications to the circuit allow for an increased high frequency not heard of before as well as ultra-low noise. Furthermore, design modifications have solved temperature problems that can affect vintage fuzz units. Players have the needed power supply inversion so that they can use a regular 9 Volt power supply.

TC Electronic & ProGuitarShop Alter Ego X4 Vintage Echo

Hot on the heels of the awesome new quartet of mini pedals recently announced, TC Electronic and my good pals at ProGuitarShop have teamed up to create a new delay pedal geared towards vintage-style tones, building on the success of their earlier pedal the Alter Ego Delay and incorporating the functionality of the awesome Flashback X4 Delay. Called the Alter Ego X4 Vintage Echo, it gives you four TonePrint slots, three programmable presets, a looper, stereo ins and outs, MIDI programmability and the ability to control any parameter with an expression pedal. Here’s the press release…