10 Problems Beginners Might Face When Buying a New Guitar (And How to Fix Them)

Commonly, beginners face different problems when buying a new guitar. It can range from the guitar itself, up to the manner of playing with the stringed instrument.

It is easy to fix when you have a clear picture of what the problem is. Recognize if you have these problems that beginners might face when buying a new guitar.

1. Impulse buying the wrong guitar

Buying a brand new guitar is an exciting experience for every aspiring musician. However, this can lead to buying the wrong guitar. If you are a beginner who doesn’t know what to look out for, you can buy out an instrument impulsively without checking for the things that you need for playing. 

Charles from Guitar Junky said, there are different kinds of guitars for the right purposes, and the excitement in buying one can mask out your primary intentions. It is better to bring an experienced guitarist when you are about to buy your first guitar. 

If you can’t bring him or her when you will buy, have a consultation with a professional or seasoned player who knows the things you will look out for in your first instrument. It is also great to ask around the personnel in the store as they know the products and guitars more.

2. Using the wrong strings / not changing the strings

Beginners usually encounter having problems with the wrong strings once they start to play more frequently. When there is a need for changing the strings, beginners usually just buy out the least or the most expensive one, not knowing if the string is right for the particular guitar that they have. It is advisable not to use steel strings on a classical guitar. It is best to voice out the type of guitar you have and knowing if the strings sold in stores are perfect for your instrument. Beginners usually don’t change strings until they are broken. It is recommended to change strings every 6-8 months to avoid wearing out your guitar prematurely.

3. Difficulty playing some chords

It is quite common to have some level of difficulty when trying out new chords. As a beginner, it is vital to have enough practice and to be patient with yourself as you are learning something new. However, beginners can still have difficulty in playing some chords even with the right finger positioning. This can sometimes be due to the wrong handling of the guitar itself. Putting yourself at an ergonomic disadvantage while playing the guitar can turn out to be awkward when playing out some chords. Check your trunk, hand, and arm positioning while playing, and try making adjustments to be more comfortable in playing some chords.

4. Guitar not staying in tune

When the guitar has the right intonation, it still won’t stay in tune if the strings keep slipping out. The problem can be easy to detect if you first recognize if you play too hard or just gently on your guitar. First, check the nut for any jagged or sharp spots because the string could be caught up. If you play a bit rough, it is best to invest in a high-standard tuning peg or a premium-quality tremolo system.

5. A peeling pickguard

Some pickguards are weakly attached to the body, and this could be a good thing because a peeling pickguard is easy to remedy. Once it starts pulling off, never try to put it back on immediately. It is best to peel it off carefully until all of the pickguards are detached. Clean out the surface first and then gently put it back on with a tougher adhesive. Always consult the manufacturer to use the right binding agent to avoid damage to your guitar.

6. Songs don’t play smooth

A reason why songs don’t play smoothly is that the chords are not shifted in a very fluid manner. Most beginners have difficulty in changing chords right away. This is rational at their level. And this can get better over time, as one practices more every day. Try to keep playing the same rhythm with the strumming hand, even when your other hand is still not on the chord. This will let the song have a more steady pace, so it will play smoother along the way.

7. Wrong action height

The action height is the height of the string above each guitar fret. The common scenario is that most action heights are set on high. Beginners will likely experience difficulties in pushing down the fret. Beginners don’t notice this immediately because the high action height can only be apparent at a certain part of the guitar neck or another. It is easy to adjust the action height. Take off the string and use sandpaper to lightly shave down the area where the string is quite high. Reinstall everything and string it up to play anew. Another alternative is to check out recommendations such as these beginner acoustic guitars listed here.

8. Buzzing frets

A common beginner problem that usually persists if not addressed right away is that the frets are buzzing when they are playing out some chords. This is because the player is not squeezing the strings enough, not putting enough pressure on the fret, and if one finger accidentally or unknowingly touches the string above or below. It is vital to recognize what is the root cause of the buzzing, to know if you will focus your adjustments on the hand or the finger grip. You can also pluck the chords individually first, rather than strumming it out right away.

9. Using the wrong cleaning agents

The wrong cleaning agents on the guitar are also one of the common mistakes that beginners face. It is understandable how one is extra-protective of a new instrument. A common mistake is using household products to keep the new guitar shiny and well-polished. Some household cleaners have strong chemicals that do more harm than good for your guitar. Remember that there is a specific cleaner for your stringed instrument. Consult the store where you bought your guitar and clean it regularly with the recommended cleaning agent.

10. Buying unnecessary accessories

One of the things that make playing the guitar a tad bit more expensive is buying out unnecessary accessories. Beginners are usually overwhelmed with the new instrument that they have, that they tend to look at the bigger picture without focusing more on learning the necessary skills first. 

Accessories like an amp for electric and acoustic-electric guitars are bought just for fun, without even acknowledging it there is a need for one. This is an additional expense you don’t want to commit. Before buying an amp, consider if you will need it in the future, and how often you will be using it. You can try plugging your guitar into a computer when practicing and recording, to avoid needless costs.

Common guitar problems are easily avoided when you know what to anticipate. Beginners encounter these problems, but know that the struggle is temporary and that learning the guitar has its ups and downs. Finding the root of the problem can go a long way, and fixing it can greatly improve your guitar playing skills.

Meet The Fender Ultra Luxe Series

Today, Fender is unveiling the American Ultra Luxe series for players who demand the ultimate in performance and tone with the most advanced series of guitars and basses.

The addition of four new American Ultra Luxe models in 2021 will bring the guitar playing experience up a major notch.  These elevated models in this series feature versatile, state-of-the-art specs that will inspire players to push their skills to new heights. 

The American Ultra Luxe series features a unique Augmented “D” neck profile with Ultra rolled fingerboard edges for endless playing comfort and a tapered neck heel that allows easy access to the highest register. A speedy 10”-14” compound-radius fingerboard with 22 stainless steel medium-jumbo frets means effortless and accurate soloing.

Models include:  

·         American Ultra Luxe Stratocaster® ($4,499 AUD). The American Ultra Luxe Stratocaster features Ultra NoiselessTM Vintage pickups and advanced wiring options providing endless tonal possibilities – without hum. Available in 2-Color Sunburst (Rosewood fingerboard) and  2-Color Sunburst and Plasma Red Burst (Maple fingerboard). 

·         American Ultra Luxe Stratocaster® Floyd Rose® HSS ($4,699 AUD). The American Ultra Luxe Stratocaster Floyd Rose HSS features Ultra NoiselessTM Hot single-coil pickups and Ultra Double TapTM humbucking pickup, along with advanced wiring options, providing endless tonal possibilities – without hum. The Original Floyd Rose Tremolo system allows for precision vibrato effects while staying perfectly in tune. Available in Silverburst (Maple fingerboard) and Mystic Black (Rosewood fingerboard).

·         American Ultra Luxe Telecaster® ($4,499 AUD) This model features Ultra NoiselessTM Vintage pickups and advanced wiring options providing endless tonal possibilities – without hum. Available in Transparent Surf Green and 2-Color Sunburst. Available April. 

·         American Ultra Luxe Telecaster® Floyd Rose® HH ($4,699 AUD) Featuring an Original Floyd Rose Tremolo system, stainless-steel frets and eye-catching custom colors with matching painted headcaps, the American Ultra Luxe Telecaster Floyd Rose HH is Ultra – elevated. This model features Custom Double TapTM humbucking pickups and advanced wiring options, providing endless tonal possibilities  – without hum. The Original Floyd Rose Tremolo system allows for precision vibrato effects while staying perfectly in tune. The sculpted rear body contours are as beautiful as they are functional. Available in Mystic Black (Maple Fingerboard).

Check out Jared James Nichols’ new ‘Gold Glory’ Les Paul Custom

NASHVILLE, TN (April 6, 2021) Epiphone, the leading accessible guitar brand For Every Stage, is proud to release the new Jared James Nichols “Gold Glory” Les Paul Custom; available worldwide now via www.epiphone.com.
The new Jared James Nichols “Gold Glory” Les Paul Custom, is a limited edition take on the Black-finished “Old Glory” signature model by the rising star who is originally from Les Paul’s hometown. The Jared James Nichols “Gold Glory” features a classic 1955 style Les Paul Custom body with a distinctive Double Gold Aged finish, a single Seymour Duncan P-90 Dogear pickup, an ebony fingerboard with traditional block inlays, Grover Rotomatic tuners, and an EpiLite case.
“’Gold Glory’ is an ICON of a guitar,” says Jared James Nichols. “Between the beauty of the tone, and glitter of the gold, it is breathtaking and bold. It’s simplistic, and powerful, a complete classic, yet rooted in today. I am honored to continue my ‘Glory Days’ with this incredible new signature model. I cannot wait to get this guitar out into the world and into the hands of players looking to find their own unique voice. Simply put, ‘Gold Glory’ inspires me to play, create, and perform at my very best.”
“2021 is going to be a big year for Jared James Nichols,” says Elizabeth Heidt, Vice President of Cultural Influence at Gibson Brands. “We are so inspired by Jared’s artistry and can’t wait to hear and support his new album. Jared James Nichols embodies everything that we are about at Epiphone and we are proud to have him as part of our family, and to bring the next evolution of Jared’s guitar to his fans.”
Over the past few years Nashville, TN-based singer-songwriter-musician rock artist Jared James Nichols has performed over 400 live dates traveling around the worldwith his band. Known for his high-energy, pick-less guitar-playing Jared James Nicholssigned his first record deal with Black Hill Records–a new label dedicated to rock, owned by independent publisher Round Hill Music and distributed worldwide by The Orchard–and will release new music later this year. The rising rock musician first collaborated with Epiphone in early 2019 on his first-ever signature guitar, the “Old Glory” a Les Paul Custom with an Ebony finish which quickly became a best-seller for Epiphone.
Watch and share the interview as Jared James Nichols talks about the “Gold Glory”guitar today, live on Epiphone Instagram and view his signature guitar video: HERE.
In other news, tune in to watch the first live concert in a year with Jared James Nicholsand his full band on Saturday, May 8 at 12pm PT/3:00pm ET via: https://www.ursalive.com/jared-james-nichols.

The new Fender Mustang Micro is adorable and I want to pinch its little cheeks


Mustang™ Micro Packs 12 Amp Models, 12 Effects Combinations In One Portable Package, For Players To Practice Anywhere

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (April 6, 2021) — Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) today launched the latest amp in the widely-acclaimed Mustang™ series, the Mustang™ Micro. The Mustang™ Micro is the complete personal guitar amplifier with a wide selection of tones and effects from the acclaimed Mustang™ Series amps, now available in a compact, portable product that fits in a player’s pocket and allows them to jam silently anywhere.  Fender’s personal amp has streamlined the playing process with no compromises, providing an affordable option with great sound capabilities. 

The ultimate on-the-go guitar amplifier, the Mustang™ Micro has over four hours of continuous play time and can be plugged directly into your guitar and connected to your favorite wired headphones. Players can easily choose from a selection of amps depending on your musical preference — from classic cleans to metal — and a bevy of effects. With 12 amp models and 12 effects combinations straight from Fender’s Mustang™ Series of amps, it makes it quick and easy to get iconic Fender tones no matter where you are. The Mustang™ Micro is ideal for beginners and seasoned players alike. Its simple and intuitive controls, as well as rechargeable batteries, are made for the player on the go, while its headphone output and Bluetooth play-along capabilities make it perfect for quiet, at-home practice sessions. 

“We’re thrilled to bring the iconic Mustang™ amp tones into a pocket-sized amp,” said Max Gutnik, Vice President of Electric Guitars, Basses & Amplifiers. “The Mustang™ Micro will allow everyone from touring artists to new players at home to plug in without disturbing anyone around them. Players will be able to express themselves through authentic effects and tones without being tied to an external amp, allowing for Micro’s portability to take them wherever the music goes.”



  • 12 Amp Models and 12 Effects Combinations Built-In: Straight from our Mustang series of amps with adjustable parameters. All signal processing is self-contained. Just plug in and play.
  • Backing Track Bluetooth Streaming with Audio Video Sync: Wirelessly stream audio backing tracks and play along with your favorite songs or practice app without latency or skipping.
  • Simple and Intuitive Controls: Easy to use features are ideal for beginners to seasoned players.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Internal battery is rechargeable via USB (cable included).
  • Recording Output: Record to your Mac or PC via USB with no additional hardware needed.

Fender discusses the Mustang™ Micro in an episode of Fender’s serialized social video series, Fender® Demos™. Watch it here. Fender Demos is an educational video series focused on providing a deep dive into Fender’s newest products. The series focuses on showcasing not only the key features and benefits but also the sonic quality of Fender’s instruments, amplifiers and pedals. In addition to product demos, the series also provides valuable beginner, intermediate and advanced tone tips, set-up and maintenance guides and insights to getting the most out of your Fender gear.

For technical specs, additional information on new Fender products and to find a retail partner near you, visit www.fender.com. Join the conversation on social media by following @Fender.

MUSTANG MICRO ($99.99 USD, £89.99, €99.99, $219 AUD, ¥11,000 JPY) The Mustang™ Micro is a complete personal guitar amplifier featuring a wide selection of tones from the wildly popular Mustang™ series of amps. Simply plug Mustang™ Micro directly into your guitar, connect a pair of headphones and choose your amp and effects. It’s ideal for any player from beginner to pro, making it quick and easy to get great tones when jamming silently at home or on the go. You can even play along to your favorite tracks or instructional videos using the built-in Bluetooth audio connection. Main features include: an all-in-one personal headphone amplifier with onboard DSP, 12 amp models and 12 effects combinations from the Mustang™ series of amps for a wide range of clean and dirty tones, Bluetooth audio streaming with audio/video sync for playing along in real time and a USB interface for recording output and firmware updates. 

To learn more about the Mustang™ Micro, click here. For product images click here. See and hear what the Mustang Micro can do in this video. 

# # #


Since 1946, Fender has revolutionized music and culture as one of the world’s leading musical instrument manufacturers, marketers and distributors. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC)–whose portfolio of owned and licensed brands includes Fender®, Squier®, Gretsch® guitars, Jackson®, EVH®, Charvel® and Bigsby®–follows a player-centric approach to crafting the highest-quality instruments and digital experiences across genres. Since 2015, Fender’s digital arm has introduced a new ecosystem of products and interactive experiences to accompany players at every stage of their musical journey. This includes innovative apps and learning platforms designed to complement Fender guitars, amplifiers, effects pedals, accessories and pro-audio gear, and inspire players through an immersive musical experience. FMIC is dedicated to unlocking the power of musical expression for all players, from beginners to history-making legends. In 2021, Fender celebrates 75 years of giving artists “wings to fly,” carrying on the vision of its founder, Leo Fender, and connecting players through a shared love of music.


Christina Stejskal
Vice President, Global Communications
Fender Musical Instruments Corp.



Fender Squier, Jackson, Charvel and Bigsby are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation and/or its affiliates, registered in the U.S. and other countries. Fender Demos and Mustang are trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation and/or its affiliates.

Tips For Increasing Your Music Marketing In A Small Budget   

Tips For Increasing Your Music Marketing In A Small Budget   

You have to learn this vital skill if you’ve transported your first beat from a studio or captured your first LP, particularly if you’d like to make it big in the music business.

Nonetheless, you should often consult with music instructors and read online discussions and send letters to people who suggest, “You need a great deal of money to have your opinions heard.”

Not only musicians but also company executives know that to market your music effectively, they want money. Not only musicians but also label auditors say that to sell your music better; they want money.

Is this true? Certainly not.

Yes, money is beneficial. Major labels have the potential to attract thousands of people with their releases. They can do so, thanks to their financial resources and robust marketing campaigns. Here is how you can market your music effectively without spending much.

Build a Creative Continuity

This is among the most common mistakes we see indie musicians while learning how and when to promote their music:

They put out an album. It performs admirably. Perhaps they’ve spent a lot of time and money promoting it. Maybe it wants a piece of the viral craziness…

But what is a month later? There’s nothing. The music’s life cycle has come to an end… What’s more, guess what? The artist has completely vanished. There isn’t going to be a follow-up update. Therefore, you must continue working with continuity so that your fans do not get bored of waiting.

Make a strategy for your release.

It’s not easy to complete an album. So you should only be relieved once it is completed, and you now want everybody to hear the fruits of your labor. 

You’d put together some low-priced artwork (or just post a picture), and for the song, name it and publish it to Itunes. Then, of course, you should implement a song promotional campaign, which consists of a series of Facebook posts and text messages to a group of college friends.

Develop and use your network

As a musician, how do you create your channel? You can’t survive in this business without having a strong social media presence. Let’s face it: what is more successful in terms of having your message heard? Cool emailing to 20 unknown websites, brands, YouTube channels, and influencers…

Or enlist the help of friends?

The latter is the case. Every single time. To begin developing connections with friends who can assist you in promoting your music…

  • Mutual friends with a sizable fan base on their private or artist Facebook pages.
  • Blog and YouTube advertising site owners
  • At signs, holders or A&Rs
  • Others with complex systems

Make Your Videos and Artwork

When it comes to promoting your music, having excellent gaze and appropriate artwork is crucial. In the past, though, you have to hire a designer to create your artwork. Even so, it’s better to employ a professional if you want very great visual design jobs.

Check out these new pointy Deans!

Guitars feature Fishman Fluence pickups; EverTune, Floyd Rose or TonePros bridges, ebony fingerboards, 24 stainless steel frets and glow-in-the-dark side markers

TAMPA, Fla. (March 2, 2021) – Dean Guitars® is proud to announce its Vengeance and Zero models are back with a vengeance thanks to new player-demanded features, including Fishman Fluence pickups and push/pull pots; EverTune, Floyd Rose or TonePros bridges, 24 jumbo stainless-steel frets and glow-in-the-dark side markers.
Vengeance models feature Dean’s aggressive “V” shape mahogany body, flame maple tops (trans finishes), three-piece slim-“C” shape maple set-thru necks, ebony fingerboards complete with 12” radius and pearloid ultra diamond inlays, Grover Mini tuners with 18:1 tuning ratios and black dome knobs.
The Vengeance Select EverTune Fluence Black Cherry Burst comes with two Fishman Fluence pickups and an EverTune bridge; the Vengeance Select Floyd Fluence Charcoal Burst also features two Fishman Fluence pickups with a Floyd Rose 1000 bridge; the Vengeance Select Fluence Black Satin has a single Fishman Fluence bridge pickup, TonePros Tuneomatic bridge and single volume knob.
Zero models share the same specifications and options as their Vengeance counterparts, but feature “Z” shape mahogany bodies with flame maple tops. The Zero Select EverTune Fluence Black Cherry Burst features an EverTune bridge and the Zero Select Floyd Fluence Charcoal Burst has a Floyd Rose 1000 bridge. The Zero Select Fluence Black Satin has a single Fishman Fluence bridge pickup, TonePros Tuneomatic bridge and single volume knob
“We’re extremely pleased to offer these new Vengeance and Zero guitars,” said Dean Guitars Vice President of Products, Eric Stewart. “For years, we’ve been asked to build them with these features and specifications, and here they are – pairing performance, aggression and class!”
Dean Vengeance and Zero guitar prices are to be determined and are available with a variety of case options at authorized Dean Guitars dealers. For more information, go to www.deanguitars.com.
# # #
About Dean Guitars: Dean Guitars build the finest guitars in the world, allowing musicians to be as passionate about making  music as the company is about making musical instruments. Established in 1977, Dean’s iconic electric and acoustic guitars, basses and other musical instruments are built to the highest standards in the industry, and are played on the most prestigious stages and studios in the world. For more information, go to www.deanguitars.com. #DeanGuitars

Dave Mustaine partners with Gibson Brands for a whole bunch of guitars

NASHVILLE, TN (February 23, 2021) For 127 years, Gibson has shaped sound across generations and genres of music, becoming one of the most relevant, played, and loved guitar brands around the world. Gibson is proud to officially announce a new partnership with Dave Mustaine, the legendary guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and GRAMMY®-winning founder and leader of Megadeth who joins Gibson as a Brand Ambassador. The new Dave Mustaine Collection will span acoustic and electric guitars across Gibson, Epiphone, and Kramer.
Dave will join the Gibson Artist Alliance–a forum which includes legendary musicians, innovative movers and shakers, and new talent–to share in thought leadership, research & development, mentorship of the next generation of players, as well as philanthropic endeavors. In addition to the Dave Mustaine Collection, Dave will be featured in original content and special projects across Gibson, Epiphone, and Kramer.
“One of first albums I ever bought was Kiss Alive. On the back of that LP was the Gibson logo, followed by ‘Kiss uses Gibson Guitars because they want the best’. Period,” says Dave Mustaine. “Years later, I’m still that same fan, but now I’ve been playing, touring, writing, and performing around the world myself, and I can say that I could not agree more with that statement. As I was looking for a change in my guitars, I met with Cesar and got his perspective on the vision and direction Gibson is taking. I saw passion, respect for the instruments, a focus on quality and a company that is led by guitar players. I feel I am finally at home with Gibson and I am proud of what we’re building together. I can’t wait for the world to get their hands on the new Gibson, Epiphone, and Kramer Dave Mustaine Collection guitars. This is a dream come true for me, don’t #@!# wake me up.”
“It’s an honor to welcome icon, pioneer and visionary musician Dave Mustaine to the Gibson family as our brand ambassador”, said Cesar Gueikian of Gibson Brands. “Dave is one of the most influential metal icons and riff lords of all time, having paved the way for multiple generations of players to carry the flag for hard rock and heavy metal, from riff writers to shredders and everyone in between. Working with Dave is especially gratifying because he is a guitar nerd like me, who gets involved in every aspect of the development of the concepts and ideas we have been designing with him at the Gibson Lab. When I was as kid learning how to play guitar, I aspired to play Dave’s riffs and I was one of the fortunate fans who attended their Youthanasia Tour concert at Estadio Obras Sanitarias in 1994, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the ‘Aguante Megadeth’ chant was born over the song Symphony of Destruction. That was an epic night that I will never forget. I look forward to bringing this partnership to life and unveiling the first stages of the Dave Mustaine Collection to the world.”
Watch and share the new interview with Dave Mustaine and Cesar Gueikian of Gibson, HERE.
Renowned worldwide, the thrash metal pioneer founded MEGADETH 35 years ago, virtually inventing the thrash metal genre with the band’s debut album, Killing Is My Business… And Business Is Good! MEGADETH has sold more than 38 million albums, earning many accolades along the way, including a GRAMMY® Award and 12 additional GRAMMY® nominations, and five, consecutive platinum / multi-platinum albums, including 1992’s two-million-selling Countdown to Extinction. MEGADETH has headlined many of the biggest stages in the world and sold-out arenas as part of ‘The Big Four.’ Prior to founding MEGADETH, Mustaine co-wrote many of the songs on Metallica’s Kill Em All and Ride the Lightning albums as the band’s original lead guitarist, which have certified sales totaling more than 14 million copies. Across the entirety of his recorded catalog, Mustaine has achieved a staggering sales tally of nearly 50 million albums worldwide. Listen to MEGADETH, HERE.
MEGADETH’s last studio album, Dystopia (2016), debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart. The critically acclaimed album was featured in Best Albums lists from leading music magazines, including Rolling Stone’s “20 Best Metal Albums of 2016”(No. 6); Revolver’s “Top 20 Metal Albums of 2016” (No. 2); and Loudwire’s “20 Best Albums of 2016” (No. 12) and “Best Metal Songs of 2016” (No. 2) for the title track, “Dystopia.” MEGADETH won a Silver CLIO Award for their Dystopia VR album campaign, and the album’s blistering title track earned the band a GRAMMY® Award for Best Metal Performance.
With his visionary business acumen, Mustaine holds the mantle as metal’s most enterprising mogul and has founded multiple brands in and outside of music. To name just a few, MEGADETH À Tout le Monde and Saison 13 beer (eight million+ pints sold to date across North America, UK, Europe), House of Mustaine vineyards’ award-winning wines, a range of signature guitar gear, a 2020 graphic novel anthology with Heavy Metalmagazine, the FIRST EVER band website in history (Megadeth Arizona), the Cyber Army fan club (established in 1994), five successful traveling GIGANTOUR all-star music festivals, Megadeth fan Boot Camp (sold out), and the inaugural Megacruise(sold out).
In 2010, Mustaine released his New York Times-bestselling autobiography, titled Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir in the U.S, UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. In September 2020, Mustaine released his second national bestseller RUST IN PEACE: The Inside Story of the Megadeth Masterpiece to coincide with the 30th anniversary of MEGADETH’s iconic thrash metal masterpiece Rust in Peace.
In 2019, Mustaine was given a cancer diagnosis while he was out on the road and he approached cancer like he has dealt with all the hard blows in his life – with all his energy and passion focused on a singular goal. After intense treatment, he succeeded and his cancer is in remission, and all aspects of his life and business continues with his same intensity and perseverance. Nothing has slowed down for Mustaine who is currently working on MEGADETH’s 16th album for 2021.
Following is a sampling of prototypes for the new Dave Mustaine Collection below:

Rusty Cooley announces new online interview series ‘Guitar Autopsy’ featuring top players

Rusty Cooley announces new online interview series ‘Guitar Autopsy’ featuring top players


Guitar Autopsy is a new online chat show launching in March 2021, hosted by ‘guitar teacher to the stars’ Rusty Cooley and up-and-coming guitarist Zach Adkins and covering everything from guitar talk to general life topics, and everything in between – all with guitars in hand.
Each episode finds Cooley and Adkins joined by a guest from the world of guitar, drawn from Rusty’s little black book of guitar buddies from a lifetime in the industry as a player, educator and gear obsessive.
“Guitar Autopsyis not so much of us interviewing guitar players as it is three guitar players hanging out and talking and playing guitar,” Cooley says. “So it’s just a conversation about everything anything from guitar playing, practicing, teaching, learning, music business, touring, not touring, or where ever the conversation leads us. Maybe we don’t even talk about music and we talk about everyday life. If you want to have a drink or a smoke out, kick your feet up and hang out – and that’s exactly what you can expect: the unexpected!”
Every episode kicks off with Cooley and Adkins discussing the guitar news of the week: new releases, notable anniversaries, news happenings, gear trends or whatever else may be relevant that week. Each week’s guest then joins the chat to talk about whatever’s on their mind, and to throw plenty of guitar licks out there if the mood takes them.
“If whoever’s on the show is sick and tired of talking about music because that’s what they do, and they just want to talk about life, that’s what we’ll do,” Cooley says. “Basically imagine if Joe Rogan played guitar! It’s all fair game.”
“The big thing that I think is a game-changer with this,” Adkins adds, “is there are lot of other people who talk to guitar players and celebrities, but the difference is Rusty: he knows a lot of these guys personally, he’s met them, he’s probably even played with them or taught them, which makes it a whole other thing when you know somebody one-on-one verses getting them in for a quick interview.”
An impressive list of some of the greatest players in contemporary guitar and bass have already signed on for Season One, including some of the biggest names in thrash, progressive rock and metal.
Guitar Autopsycan be found at Rusty Cooley’s YouTube channel.
Rusty Cooley is a respected solo artist, guitar educator, and founding member of Day Of Reckoning and Outworld. Adkins first came to the attention of the guitar world when he took first place in the 2017 Flying Fingers competition judged by Paul Gilbert, and is author of the bestselling book Guitar Efficiency.
Rusty Cooley YouTube Channel:https://youtube.com/c/MrRustyCooley
Zachary Adkins YouTube Channel:https://youtube.com/c/ZachAdkinsmastershredder