65amps presents The Ventura

New! 65amps presents high-quality portable amp, The Ventura


March 28, 2012, North Hollywood, CA – 65amps introduces The Ventura guitar amplifier, the latest addition to its more affordable “Working Pro” Red Line. The Ventura is a response to the over-saturation of “Lunch Box” amps in the market that are found lacking in quality for professional players. The Ventura illustrates that a compact, portable amp can be combined with high-level, professional functionality. The Ventura is made in 65amps’ factory in North Hollywood utilizing the high-level materials and engineering experience of the 65amps crew.

The Ventura uses a 2-6V6 power section and front end utilizing 65amps’ most popular circuits, the Color channel of the London and the Bump Circuit of the SoHo. This allows the Ventura to create a rich palette of American and British tones all with the signature flair that has made 65amps a major presence on top-level tours and recording studios around the world.

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NAMM 2012: 65amps Producer

There was plenty of great stuff at NAMM this year – real break-your-wallet kind of stuff – but one of my favourites and certainly very high on my ‘must-sell-a-kindey-to-fund-purchase’ list is the 65amps Producer. It isn’t cheap but boy is it pretty. You might think of amps like the Lil Elvis when you ponder 65amps, but the Producer is something else entirely: an EL34-loaded warbeast which captures, subdues, skins and stuffs classic rock tones then mounts them on the wall for proud display. And it does it all while knocking back shots of Jäger.


65amps wanted to design a classic-sounding amp but without the unpredictability of those circuits. Y’know how a tube amp can sound great in one room but terrible in the next? 65amps has done some extensive study on the matter and found that these old circuits were designed around tubes that could take the voltage, which modern tubes just can’t do. So they’ve came up with their own solution, which they feel makes new tubes sound even better than old ones. The key to this is a new transformer by Mercury Magnetics which runs the amp’s EL34s in an extremely safe and unconventional way that no off-the-shelf guitar amp transformer can do. The two companies are so sure of the stability and reliability of this method that they expect that you won’t have to change your tubes for years.


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