Nita Strauss Joins Alice Cooper’s Band!

Nita StraussWhoa! Congratulations to Nita Strauss, who has just been named as new guitarist in Alice Cooper’s band. Nita has been hinting on social media recently that there was some big announcement. Here’s the press release:

PRESS RELEASE: Following the April premiere of Super Duper Alice Cooper at the Tribeca Film Festival, and the subsequent release of the documentary on DVD, Blu-Ray, Deluxe Editions, and digital formats this month via Eagle Rock Entertainment, rock’s greatest showman, Alice Cooper, heads out on a lengthy North American tour. The summer trek starts with three shows in Michigan June 26-28 before Cooper joins Motley Crue’s final “All Bad Things Must Come To An End” tour as a Very Special Guest on July 2nd, running through late November.
The tour marks the debut of Alice’s new guitarist Nita Strauss, who was recently ranked #1 on Guitar World’s list of “10 Female Guitar Players You Should Know.”  She takes the place of Orianthi, who has toured with Alice for the past few years.  Nita, who has made her name in bands including the Iron Maidens, Femme Fatale, and LA Kiss, joins Alice’s band’s three guitar attack, which also features guitarists Ryan Roxie and Tommy Henriksen, plus longtime bassist Chuck Garric and drummer Glen Sobel.

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NEWS: Clapton, Alice Cooper, My Chemical Romance, Van Halen

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Orianthi joins Alice Cooper’s band

Wow, rumour is that Damon Johnson has left to focus on Brother Cane, and as Orianthi confirmed on Twitter about an hour ago, she’s in! This’ll be cool! (Follow Orianthi on Twitter)

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Check out Orianthi playing “School’s Out” with Alice on American Idol!

It’s official- Soundwave Revolution cancelled

UPDATE (4:46pm Melbourne time Tuesday August 9):
Statement from Soundwave on Twitlonger:

“It is with great sadness that we announce the cancellation of #swREVOLUTION

Many of the festival bands will still be coming to Australia in that time period and team up to bring you some very special shows. These will include multi band/mini festival line-ups in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. We will be announcing these events in the next 7 days.

Tickets purchased online will be refunded automatically as soon as it can be processed. If you purchased from an outlet, refunds will be available next week from point of purchase.”

In an interview with radio station Nova, promoter AJ Maddah said: “We could have taken the option of linking through with the line-up as we have now – it would have obviously still been a much better financial outcome for us than to go through the road we have – but we just didn’t want to put an inferior product on the market.”

Radio station Nova has just posted the following on Twitter:

ok peeps, it is official Soundwave Revolution has been cancelled because the second headline act pulled out at the last minute. then tweeted

If Soundwave is going to blame an unnamed second headliner for the demise of the festival I call BULLSHIT on that! Not with 40 other bands..


So… there we have it. Cancelled. Van Halen’s first-ever DLR-fronted Australian tour is off. Wanna know how I feel about this?

Rumour: Is Soundwave Revolution cancelled?

UPDATE (1pm Melbourne time, August 9) Stix has deleted the tweets. Huh.

Original story:

Steel Panther drummer Stix Zadinia has set the Twitters raging with a series of tweets claiming that the Soundwave Revolution festival has been cancelled. There’s no official word on this either way, but I would recommend regularly checking the Soundwave Festival Twitter and Soundwave Revolution Facebook pages and the Twitter account of AJ from Soundwave for the latest. Take it as a rumour for now and I’m sure the Soundwave folks will clarify things soon.

Here are Stix’s tweets in chronological order:

Soundwave revolution is cancelled. I am bummed.

Just got word from our management that the whole festival is cancelled. I hope I’m wrong but I was told it’s official. Anyone hear same?

Maybe we’ll still come out and rock anyway! I’m hoping it can get worked out. We wanna rock u guys in Ozn

If I’m wrong, I’ll only let two chicks suck my dick instead of the normal 5. That’s how serious I am.

Just wait. I ain’t wrong.

Ok everyone. I’m just reporting what I was told. U don’t have 2 believe me. Better yet, don’t believe me and wait for an “official” anncmnt

Ok. Let’s start over fuckers. Don’t panic. Let’s all pretend I didn’t hear from our manager that swr is officially cancelled. U good now?

Aside from Steel Panther, the Soundwave Revolution line-up includes Van Halen, Alice Cooper, Devin Townsend, Alter Bridge, Hole, Machine Head, Hellyeah, The Damned Things and about a bazillion more bands.

NEWS: Alice Cooper unveils new band

The mighty Alice Cooper has unveiled his new band, who will accompany him on his “No More Mr Nice Guy” summer tour from May-August 2011.

First-up is guitarist Steve Hunter, an utter, utter legend of rock who has played with Alice extensively and also played on David Lee Roth’s A Little Ain’t Enough with Jason Becker. Tommy Henriksen will replace Keri Kelli on guitar (Alice says it’s time for Keri to go on to his own thang), while Damon Johnson will be continue for an Iron Maiden-like three-axe line-up. Glen Sobel will replace Jimmy DeGrasso (so long Jimmy, you sucked when you were in Megadeth), while bassist Chuck Garric will continue.

Alice said on his website, “Steve’s always been one of my favorite guitarists since the first time I ever heard him play, and I’ve been working with Tommy a lot on the new album. Oh, and yes, a new snake might make the band lineup…you never know. We will miss Jimmy and Kerri, but I know we will be sharing a stage again in the future.”

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